Missing DLC file of Digital Bonus Content

Hello, I’ve bought the full HITMAN(2016) on steam long time ago, I still remember that I’ve got the digital bonus content like sondtrack in January 2017, it was in a floder where the game installed.

But when I check the files recently, I couldn’t find the files, even the floder.
I’ve tried reinstall the whole game, reinstall the DLC DIgital Bonus Content, but it doesn’t work.

Here’s the screenshot, that I have full access of the game:

Anybody could help? Thank you very much.

Here’s the screenshot of the game files:

@Travis_IOI Please help

I think the digital bonus content is just what used to be exclusive to the Collectors Edition, the Midnight Black suit, another Concussive Duck and the Black Lilly pistol. They are in existing files, not separate ones.

I find it kinda funny you search for them in the files and not in the game. What do you try to do?

I found the old update news here:

I remember that DLC includes the soundtracks and documentary, under a floder called ‘Digital Bonus Content’.
I also checked my steam music library, but still nothing about Hitman.

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wtof probably means HITMAN, rather than H2. Anyway, I didn’t know an original soundtrack collection was available on Steam. @wtof Could you check if the bonus content is in the ‘C:/Document’ folder on your PC? I think the folder you showed usually contains assets which the game requires to run, rather than bonus content which a user can access.

Ops my apology I did not notice this is Hitman2016.

Sadly I uninstalled it a week ago, I could have told you where it is located.

Thanks for your help, but unfortunately, nothing here in ‘C:\users<my user name>\Document’…

That’s OK, wait for your update.

Hello wtof. I was checking the discussion of the link you posted. Could you try what this user suggested?

If anyone has problems with the soundtrack not appearing in their Steam Music Library, do the following: go to “Steam” --> “Settings”, click the “Music” tab and then click “SCAN NOW”. Your music library list will repopulate and Hitman should now appear in LIBRARY --> MUSIC.

I’ve tried SCAN NOW, RESET DATABASE & SCAN NOW… still not wrok :cry:

Here’s the screenshot:

I also tried the music player of steam, add the game path to music library path, nothing about hitman:

Well then I don’t have any idea where the files are. You can wait for Travis’ response. And if he doesn’t, maybe you can consider reinstalling the game. I hope you find those files soon.

That’s fine, thanks for your help!

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Seems all these sountracks for both HITMAN games are now unavailable.
Why? Maybe copyright issues, maybe contract on holding this music is outdated…
But I myself can’t find both these folders, though I know they were here and I gave a listen to both of them.
But now they just gone.

Maybe @Travis_IOI and/or @Clemens_IOI could shed some light on why these soundtracks are no longer available

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You know this is interesting in some way. Games like GTA have songs removed years after release due to expired licenses. However, I have never heard of OST being removed. But yeah, that is the exact reason why we are all confused about the missing files.

The soundtrack and documentary were pulled in October 2019 according to SteamDB: https://steamdb.info/depot/588780/history/ .

If you own the necessary DLC, you can theoretically re-download it using SteamRE/DepotDownloader (you’ll need to have .NET Core 2.0 installed). If you don’t own the DLC, then Steam won’t let you download it.

Example usage:

dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 236870 -depot 588780 -manifest 1242662756382571874 -username notmyactualusername -password notmyactualpassword


Wow, this works for me, thank you very much!

But I’m still confused why these files removed from the depot…