Missing equipment after transfer

Missing a bunch of suits, weapons and equipment after transferring my data on xbox.

Some of it showed up when I last played (explosive duck, clown suit, etc) and is now missing.

Yeah, welcome to the club.

Buckle up buckaroo.


Me too. In the morning I had all of the deluxe and pre-ordered stuff, now they are gone. I was able to get my mastery rank though, so, yay?

What a mess this is…


Didn’t get the ‘trinity’ costumes or guns either.

IOI failed again…
40 symbols


Collector’s Pack
Executive Pack
Smart Casual Pack
Winter Sports Pack
Requiem Pack

I just reinstalled the game and i got every suit that was missing

Thanks for sharing this, I’ll check it later. :wink:

I got the Collector’s, Executive, Smart Casual and
Winter Sports Pack when I redeemed the hitman 2 gold access pass. Maybe try reinstalling the access pass instead of the full game first

Noticed first on pc that the requiem suit and the ‘all silver’ pistol was missing (the one from the first game with the silver silencer). gutted cause I liked that one. Trying a reinstall and see if that fixes anything.

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