Missing person in miami?

Anyone know the story on this guy? He’s on a missing person poster behind the boat rental. The name says Mitch Pearson. Kinda reminded me of the hippo whisperer.

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Mitch Pearson sounds a bit like “missing person” if you narrow your ears a bit.
Wouldn’t look too much into it. According to the stamp he’s been located anyway, so not our problem.
Also, for future finds like this, I would suggest adding it to this thread: Things About Hitman You Just Found Out
It’s a repository for discoveries, big and small.


Thanks for the response, just was curious.

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Just for reference, if this page is 100% complete there aren’t any NPCs by that name.
Edit: I just realized they don’t have the bank or Haven on there.
Edit 2: I just remembered I extracted a file from the game that has all the NPC names. Yeah, that name isn’t there. My bet is that it’s probably just a random name or someone the texture artist knows.

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Yeah probably just a game inside joke…m pearson = missing person. I thought there was more to this but, i guess not.:triumph:

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It is most likely meant as flavour text. In Absolution, you can see a missing person poster a bit later in the game of the Terminus Hotel guy with a number to call with one too many digits to be a real number.

It could also be an extremely vague easter egg of some kind. Or an in-joke.

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This is probably not the case, I’m just speculating here … but perhaps this guy will be revealed later as one of “The Serial Killers” (Elusive Target) victims?? I doubt it but that would be a very cool Easter egg.

Edit: nvm… just noticed it said “Located” :joy:

True, it says “Located”… It doesn’t say “Located Alive and Well” So the Serial Killer victim angle COULD still be true… :slight_smile:

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Good point. I hope that’s the case then. That would be really cool.

Fingers crossed🤞for serial killer angle!! But , deep down not holding my breath.