Missing Starting Suits!

There are 5 Starting Suits that we’re missing so far from our Career Inventory.

  1. Mumbai Starting Suit
  2. Whittleton Creek Starting Suit
  3. Training Starting Suit
  4. Hawke’s Bay Starting Suit
  5. Siberia Sniper Suit

We’ll definitely get the first 2 at some point via Elusive Targets, but what about the other 3? Wouldn’t you guys like to have these suits available to play with in all levels? Especially that Siberia one? Someone bring this to Clemen’s attention!

They’ve said Tactical Wetsuit should be coming at some point and they’re aware of the Recon gear, I don’t think Siberia Sniper Suit will come, unless they make a snow mission :smile:


Casual Suit too but that’s probably next month

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@BEowen and @Beyonder

Siberia Suit
The Siberia Suit is confirmed to be exclusive to Sniper Assassin as of July’s IOI Monthly no plans have been made for the Suit to be used in Sandbox Environment’s.

Tactical Wetsuit
It has been announced a couple months back around when we got a Elusive Target in Hawkes Bay that we will receive a variation of this Suit. As for when we will get it is up in the air.

Recon Gear
This hasn’t been as requested, but it does bother me how we haven’t had this Suit as an unlock-able especially since this Suit has a 007/Mission Impossible feel to it. @Travis_IOI did state in a IOI Monthly that this Suit is on the backlog and that if they need a unlock-able that they will use it.

I hope this provides some clarity on these three suits as for the others we will be receiving them as ET rewards in the foreseeable future.


The only two I need are Mumbai’s and Whittleton’s and i’ll be happy

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Me too. Can’t wait for some really creative ET’s in Mumbai. I think the best setting would be the hill and the slums


‘Basil Carnaby returns’


I died on the inside when I read that. He’s the better special assignment but he’s permanent so there’s no point at all. Illusions of the Grandest


And the Casual Suit from Bangkok. These final three…

Although it hasn’t been exploited much, suits can be given unique attributes. For example, holding the baseball bat is legal when wearing the clown outfit.

As such, I’d love for ninja suit from Hokkaido to be unlockable: with the attribute that it is always hostile everywhere. Would make for a great extra challenge for more experienced players!


I hope the Tactical Wetsuit and Training Gear is hostile everywhere, if/when we unlock

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If Santa 47 isn’t hostile I doubt the tac wet suit will be :joy:

Yessss that would be amazing! I’d love to turn even the most mellow maps like the Maldives into all hostile

I dunno - the training gear is just a black turtleneck (“tactical turtleneck, Lana, the tactalneck!”) over some cargo pants, so not really suspicious. The wetsuit just looks weird, like the mascot, yukata, Santa or Clown.

But the Ninja outfit… you just look at someone wearing that and there’s no way they’re not up to some shady shit.


I have one question, why can’t we use anniversary suits offline???

Thank you for not missing this opportunity :+1: