Missing suits from Hitman 3

Hey there,

I was going through all my suits owned in Hitman 3 and noticed I’m missing a few. I’m not completely sure why, as when I transferred my steam account to epic games it looks like I have everything. I launched Hitman 2 to make sure and I wrote down the ones I’m missing which are:

-Requiem Suit
-Midnight Black Suit
-Winter Sports Suit
-Smart Casual Suit

Anyone have any ideas or have the same problem?

Re-download the Hitman 2 Access pass (if you have it) it happened to me on PS5, i think it’s because them suits are tied to DLC and not unlockables and Requiem isn’t available… yet

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Seems like it would work, too bad I can’t access the Hitman 2 maps without paying for them again. I guess all I can do is wait.

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