Mission Impossible (47 Seconds)

I’m not sure if this deserves a topic of its own or they should just belong in the Contracts From HMF Members thread? Anyway, the idea is simple. We create puzzle style contracts that seem impossible to complete in 47 seconds. Undoubtedly they’re going to involve gimmicky methods, but it’s a great idea for us to discover and share useful strategies that can be used elsewhere. Along with the obvious time limit challenge, feel free to add an additional challenge. To start the ball rolling I’ve come up with three and provided my benchmark times. If you’re interested in this, then re-creating them for each other would be greatly appreciated.

For the moment, at least, I’ve restricted it to single targets. But if this takes off, then it might we might consider changing this, including the 47 second time limit if that limits the opportunity to share great puzzle ideas too much.

Also please don’t spoil the puzzles for others. Obviously videos require an active click to see how it can be done, but please use spoiler/hidden tags if you’re going to discuss a workable method.

ID: 3-12-4906580-05 (Xbox); 1-22-9117739-32 (PC by @Hardware)
Additional challenge: Hide body
Benchmark: 37 seconds

ID: 3-22-8050824-05 (Xbox); 1-22-6396432-28 (PC by @theWizard)
Additional challenge: Suit
Benchmark: 43 seconds

ID: 3-21-8427074-05 (Xbox); 1-21-0423698-32 (PC by @Hardware)
Additional challenge: The time limit is really tight
Benchmark: 45 seconds


I really like this idea! I think this could become a recurring thing :smiley:

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Mission Impossible: Rico Delgado

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Identical to mine, except you did it quicker. Nice! Do you have a contract ID I could add to the first post so that PC players can try it?

Mission Impossible: Rico Delgado (0.37)




Mission Impossible: Sophia Washington

I added an extra condition in this run (but not in the contract): Hide body. Because it was too easy otherwise.



I think @SASO has a couple contracts that qualify


Wowzers! I actually don’t know how you did that. Why did she follow you?

Needless to say it was completely different to my route. I won’t post my run just yet in case I ruin the fun for others who might want to figure it out.

@KevinRudd: I hope that @SASO does get involved. He’s a master of these “sneaky” contracts.

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I used @theWizard’ fetch trick. Very useful in this scenario.


I do, here’s an older one

Name of Contract: Crowd Dodging
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-07-5321181-95

i’d remove the mandatory time limit if i could :\ let it stand as a monument to shame

I’ll try to think of more places to make these contracts. I’m assuming the 47 second timer should be (optionally) required for all of them?

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Did you also do the one on The Icon?

I did, not sure if I ever posted it, but if I did it was a mistake

Name of Contract: Worst Level Ever
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-05-2105249-95

To my knowledge, it’s not possible to do this SA, I certainly never managed it


I’ve seen SA runs of it from 2016, when someone else made it in the old game

i made one a while ago. this one could be a pain in the ass if you don’t even know where to start

Contract ID : 1-01-5520306-08
Platform : PC
Location : ICA Facility

47, we’ve had it up to here with you cluttering the Trending Contracts section with the exact same contract of Christopher May just so that you can get a pointless achievement on Steam/PSN/whatever platform you’re on.
You must kill May once again. But this time, the contract conditions are way harder. Why are we making you do this? Because we hate you, and are sick of your crap. And don’t even think about bringing that noob electrocution phone, since there’s no loadout in the level.

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@Euler13 Recreated the Helen West one on PC. Boy this is good.:grinning: Here’s the ID: 1-22-6396432-28.


Nice thank. I had no idea how to create it but I knew how to solve it lmao.

So this is only a 50% resolution i must say, I need to figured out how I can create it :smile:


Yeah your method only works in an actual contract I get that. :joy: If only there was a competition for speed creating contracts. :laughing:

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Very slick. GG.

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Daaaym, when I saw your score I knew it involved a sniper, but when I tried to figure out my own (before seeing your vid) I was just doing the wrong angle!

I just did it the longer, creation way personally. Much easier to figure out… if you know, you know. The answer to it is written months ago in this the HMF Contract Thread, but the timer adds a nice little bonus challenge on how to escape, so that was at least something new I hadn’t done before

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What thread, did I miss something?