Mission story bug

I was playing on Xbox One, and I noticed what seems to be a glitch with the shapeshifter mission story. When I got rid of Portman, and Vetrova was called to the hut, when she got inside the hut she would just stand in the living room, and nothing I do seems to impact anything.

Stumbled across this thing yesterday.
Did you try to restart and do this opportunity again?
I didn’t, but I suppose it may help.
Think I’m gonna try today.
If no luck, it should be reported in Bug Report Thread

Just tried this opportunity again and everything worked.
While I was playing yesterday, I messed their meeting up and now I suppose this was the reason of Vetrova just standing there.
Now I let them sit and talk and after that Portman saw a muffin, ate it and went sick. After he’s off to first-aid post, Vetrova hacked his computer as usual.

You must’ve done the same, preventing them to meet up and talk their talking.
Let them held their meeting to the end and it should work for you too