MK 2 Briefcase Speed

It appears the briefcase is not as slow as the clips I see on YT, The speed is tied to FPS, if that’s the case I really hope IOI fix it and make the briefcase not dependant on FPS to go fast or slow, Low FPS= Faster Briefcase, High FPS= Slower Briefcase

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Shame especially when consoles can’t even adjust the Frame rate

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And I play on ps4, I was so looking forward to this, but I got disappointed @Travis_IOI

It’s a shame because it’s literally a matter of adding (at least in c#, shouldn’t be too far off with c++)

“ * Time.deltaTime “

to the end of the briefcase throwing speed.

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If I remember correctly, thats a unity only thing, while the hitman engine is not unity. So it might be even harder to implement. But overall; fps dependend stuff is always trash.

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well, it’s possible, sort-of, the graphics settings on Xbox (One X, maybe) do give a fixed frame-rate option to improve performance but I don’t seem to have problems leaving it on the “better graphics” option - but not tried it with the briefcase as I only just got it and I’m not likely to use it as it’s, well, a bit silly

I am on ps4 slim, Ps4 pro has a boost mode but I’m not sure if that does anything

deltaTime is not a unity only thing but you’re right, C++ does use deltaTime differently. Still, IO has professional programmers, so stuff like this should already be known to them.

If we want this slower we need more demand,

Come on we need more people on this thread so IO will notice it

@Travis_IOI. @Travis_IOI @Travis_IOI @Travis_IOI @Travis_IOI If tagging you 4 times for you to notice this issue doesn’t work, then I don’t know what will