MK II Weapon Stickers


It may seem like a small thing to most, but those garish pink stickers being on (as far as I know) every single MK II unlock bugs me. They seem unecessary and distract from what should be good-looking weapons and armaments, so I wanted to know what everyone else thought.

  • “Yes, remove the stickers from the MK II weapons.”
  • “No, don’t remove the stickers from the MK II weapons.”

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My apologies to those that don’t particularly care, but it bugs me and I wanted to know what others thought. I feel like the MK II weapons could do with either reskins, or just the removal of the stickers altogether, because they just ruin the weapons for and, presumably, quite a few others That kinds goes for the Black Winter Suit as well, but that’s a pet peeve like the sticker is.

Have a nice day!

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I don’t really understand why they need the stickers in the first place, like I think that each S1 item having MK II in the front is enough.

They should at least change the sticker to something else, maybe a different icon instead of a red 2 at least.


Exactly my reasoning. They already look different, have different names and descriptions, the stickers just look horrible.


give all the MK 2 weapons the Hitman logo! win for everyone


I am not bashing your perfectly understandable right to feel a certain way about the stickers, but you are not even going to see them in-game.

Is it really that serious?


I don’t care about the stickers. They can stay,


On a more personal level, I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Things like this, along with the driving gloves, bug me far more than they would most. I wouldn’t be able to use one of these items because I’d keep thinking about the stickers and they’d begin to stress me out, as I wouldn’t use the driving glove suits (you can see them on some items, like the sniper and MK II Silverballer).

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For me the bigger issue is that the stickers are the only thing that’s different to the MK1 stuff. Would have been better if they were at least a reskin if they weren’t going to make new stuff.

As for removing the sticker well unless they do reskin the tools then I don’t really care about that one way or another.


I agree, I think it is just a bit lazy to just slap a sticker on and call it a day.


the mk 2 weapons should have the providence insignia burned into the side


Is that a joke, or are you being serious (genuine question)?


I’d rather have a bird engraving to distinguish them and link to H2’s story than a big fuck-off pink sticker


Ah, okay. Yeah, even that would be just a bit better than a post-it.


Yeah they should have done some bigger changes to the mk2’s frankly. Like the MK2 silverballer could have had a small scope instead of the shift thing the MK1 had. That’s just off the top of my head


Yeah I also like to have complete reskins not just stickers.


The thing is, I wouldn’t even mind if the 2 was written in-line with the engravings on one side of the gun and the same colour, just a smaller change from the MK Is. The fact that it’s a large sticker with garish pink is such a terrible alternative.


If they did something like that , or the fleur de lys . If the MK.II was the same but with a cool logo on it and a few superficial changes- I’d get that. But if it’s just the original that has a ‘2’ sticker on it, or a ‘3’ sticker [next time?], doesn’t make much sense to me!


It seems like more effort to make something worse.


Eh, I’m more annoyed at all the extra crap you’ll have to scroll through when you have all items, myself.


Ah. That’s also an understandable problem, especially if there’s just two of the same. It’s the design that bugs me the most, though.