MK II Weapon Stickers


Dude, guys just released the best Hitman game ever, that’s true.

That doesn’t take away the fact that MK II stuff and game plot are still a total cop-out and quite often feel rushed and done in the laziest manner.

Gameplay 10/10, Level Design 10/10, Unlocks II/10.

P.S. I forgot the score for the plot, someone pass me memory restoration juice.


YES! Exactly! Where did it even go that logo?


I dunno man, it kinda reminds me swiss army knife.

I dig it =D

what I dont dig is that violet/blue ish red. The RED is OFF which could be why u dont like the stickers aswell.


All i care about m8 <3


11 out of 10 isn’t that bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


i dont mind the pin tbh, but an ICA Logo or a Fleur de Lys would have bern awesome.


I would have much preferred 47’s fleur-des-lis made of metal than some rubbish that looks like it came from a souvenir shop.


I have never seen you not complain about this game. Why do you still play if it makes you this angry?


It doesn’t make me “this angry”. It doesn’t even make me angry. I’m just not a fan of some of the design decisions they’ve made. And you only see me complain about stuff because what’s the point of saying how amazing the game is all of the time, that won’t change anything? I love H1 and am looking forward very much to H2, easily one of my most played games,


I can agree, it feels half arsed with the mk II stickers. I hope they do something about it in the future because the pink 2 is not pretty. I also hope they put weapon categories or something because the scrolling is insane when you’ve unlocked quite a bit.


Something that bothers me is that the Originale Sliverballer from H16 can’t be unlocked in the Legacy missions, unlike a lot of the other newer versions of MK II weapons. Even the original Winter suit can be unlocked through Elusive Contracts, but If you want to use the most iconic of 47 weapons you have to live with a pink sticker on it.


You can unlock it though – complete the ‘recommended’ mission stories in Paris and you should get it.


It’s not on the Mastery Unlock list in the Legacy version. But I will look into it when I get home, There is no reason to use the MK II version when it’s been vandalized.


Because it’s not unlocked via mastery but via challenges.


Here is how you unlock the ICA 19 Silverballer without the sticker:


I can confirm that it unlocks as soon as you have completed the Story Missions. Furthermore I highly recommend this threat:

Everything regarding unlocks is explained in detail there.


Does IOI have any intention of replacing the mark 2 weapon skins with something unique? The descriptions say they have the “signature Mark 2 look” - but a silverballer with a big red sticker of a number 2 on the side looks like a rubbish placeholder?

I noticed some items do actually have a mark 2 variant model/skin Like the ICA proximity explosive, or poison vials being pill bottles instead…

It just looks so amateur having the same gun skin with a number 2 on the side and it’s very immersion breaking.

I say reskin or recolour every one of them. The ICA19 black Lilly is basically a blackballer. That would have made sense over giving us a silverballer with a big red sticker on the side…


@badeaguard triggered


That is how they advertise it on the DLC as the Blackballer. It was visible how ever that it was the ICA19 with the logo instead of the barcode on the slide.

But on release it was a bit different because they added the grips from the ICA Silverballer but fully black.


WAIT WAIT WAIT. WTF! ICA19 Silverballer? The FUCK?
I haven’t seen this. ICA19 at least for the sake of fucks is different from the ICA Siverballer. Now I’m triggered.

But I assume they were in a hurry to add weapons and tipe down the description.