MK II Weapon Stickers


Having duplicate items but just with a MK 2 sticker on it clutters up the menu way too much. It has become a real hassle having to scroll through everything in order to find exactly just what your looking for at any given time.

IOI, is there anyway for you to just streamline this whole thing?


At this point, i’m even willing to learn 3D modeling just to give them proper MKII reskins since they can’t do it themselves…

The whole marketing campaign was a lie :persevere:

This sequel is leaving me a bad taste in my mouth…


overdramatic much? :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, it shouldnt be difficult to just swap out the 2 with another thing, unless their texturing process is super weird


Well, I never seen this weapon and it was promoted in a post of theirs among other weapons.


they never said those were going to be in the game (although i was really hopeful, i saved every one of those pictures :<)


To be fair neither was that noose and damn it all if I want to fake a suicide by hanging.


But they showed them. You expect from a game that uses firearms to actually have the firearms that they show in a trailer or in a wallpaper.

Same goes for their weapon sold on the cover.
I mean, you have the man with the suit in the game but not the pistol he holds?


i know, i wish that was the case :confused:


I actually agree with this one.

It was initially sold as a “blackballer”, if it can’t have the exact same stats give it some additional perks to make it as equally useful as the all round “silverballer”


+60 Firearms, my Ass


:thinking: I forgot about that 60+ firearms statistic, hm surely they wouldn’t count both the mark 1 and mark 2 in that total number of firearms- that seems even a step too far even compared to the stickers :thinking: though I can’t look right now


Speaking of that image of 47, I wouldn’t mind (though I know it’ll never happen) having an option of him holding a handgun with both hands.


the guard animation where 47 holds pistols with both hands made me so hopeful during pre-beta builds. all my dreams crushed :^(


I would’ve liked a dynamic transition from single handed aim to double handed during precision aim (pressing shift).


I don’t mind one handed when he’s standing, but when you’re crouching it looks weird as hell. He should at least transition to two-handed when he crouches


He does do that (while wearing a guard disguise)… But it’s too rare and random. I hope they didn’t change it after the patch.


yeah, i wish it happened more often


Yeah I’ve noticed that bit where he may rack the slide or steady the gun in general with both hands, so the animation is definitely there to some degree. Hell, even a ‘one handed/two handed’ option in the game settings would go a long way, but as I mentioned, I know it’s so minor and so few of us care about it that I doubt it ever occurs.


They could at least just remove the Mk II stickers on the pistols and make them into a selectable double-handed variant of the gun


Yes. Oh my god, I was so excited that he might finally hold his gun with both hands like a normal person, but I was disappointed. He still looks like he’s trying way too hard to aim, as opposed to simply holding the gun up and not moving your body at all.