MK II Weapon Stickers


Well in the ET Faba mentions he has body doubles, excels in social engineering and psychiatry and he loves elaborate plans. Also Faba was far to self aware in the that ET like his references to fibre-wire and I think some say he comments on disguise changes.


They pay for having him in the game. I’m convince they want to use of him as much as possible.

@Mads47 can you imagine they manage to bring Schwarzenegger?


Wow, that would be interesting, be good if he does ‘return’ Sean Bean’s a bad man!


The Governator coming to Whittleton Creek next January


Zere iz an assasseen! Get to the choppaaah! Yayeh!


Yeah but with him being such a high profile actor he’s not cheap, meaning if he was to feature in another ET he’d receive another payday?

and Arnie? now were just getting ridiculous :rofl::joy:


Or Robert de Niro :slight_smile:


I always thought The Paparazzo was based on Robert De Niro. They look very similar.


I would absolutely love to see Arnold in the game!


Samuel L. Jackson would also be a great target :+1:

“Motherf***in’ 47!!”


He could replace Diana. I would love to hear him talk on every turn I make.

“That motherfucker is Viktor Novikov!”


Hahaha THAT would be EPIC :smiley:


Marco Abiatti always reminds me of De Niro, too.


Must be the mole :smiley:


No there should not have been duplicates either reskin them or just remove them from people having legacy pack because INVENTORY management is part of gameplay and its annoying you have it clustered with identical items that you wont use.


Speak for yourself. Double syringe? Double duckers? Yes please


But we already have both of these, don’t we?



Clemens with the signature Mk 2 look


Gah you should have done Travis and covered his face with the sticker.


He didn’t do anything. It was actually on his hat :slight_smile: