MK II Weapon Stickers


This game design choice is just… :hear_no_evil:


From Twitter:

I don’t know what this is…

Maybe they are planing something like this for the “MKII distinctive look” and the stickers are placeholders after all?


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“That motherfucker is Viktor Novikov. Take him out with extreme prejudice, Triple X.”

“I’m … not Triple X.”

“WHAT?! All you big bald motherfuckers look alike. You sure you ain’t Triple X?”

“I’m sure.”

“Well … have you ever killed a man with an exploding golf ball?”

“Actually, yes.”

“Then, congratulations! You’re the new Triple X. Continue the motherfucking mission.”

Edit: I’m not really a fan of the weapon stickers. I don’t hate them, and they don’t really bother me, but since the thread is asking, they do seem like a bit of a cheap-‘n’-easy way to add variety.

Someone above suggested they should be changed to the classic Hitman symbol instead. Seems like a cool idea. Or just remove the stickers and make sure the weapon/item designs themselves are slightly different. That can’t take much effort, surely, considering the amount of visual detail that’s already gone into the game.

See, I stayed on point. lol


Or, just give everybody new weapons and call it a day. Sticker, emblem, logo, it’s all irrelevant to me when you can’t even see it with 47 holding the gun/syringe/MK2 item.


I really, really hope that they’re going to do some proper reskins. If that’s the reskin they’re going for, they might as well make the silver slide and trigger black and rename it the Blackballer, then it’s a new weapon haha.


Yeah, just turn the Silverballer Mark II into that Blackballer up there and there will be orgasms in the community.

Two birds, one stone too.


Quite. I hope that this transfers over and they’ll start doing it for the others. The Poison Pills and that Silverballer reskin are a good start.


I would also love some of the new weapons as a unlock. For example the Hackl 9s covert. Looks a bit like a Glock and who doesn’t love Glocks.


Yeah. If they can’t think of new variants of the ICA19, Maybe the Bartoli 75R Covert, or the addition of the Hackl Covert.


Yup. The Hackl looks sexy and sounds awesome. I don’t understand why we can’t unlock it. And some new a bit different outfits would be nice. I don’t know if it fits 47 personality, but maybe a tactical outfit with tactical pants, boots, tactical shirt with a mag rig? Maybe in black for normal missions and one with camo for Santa Fortuna like mission?


But instead we’re going to take a big dick with a pointy double head piercing in our asses. Or at least mine, because I’m sure they won’t change a thing.


Hate to agree, but they’ll most likely fix this in the next game. Hoping to be totally wrong though, because this is just plain ridiculous.

The little tweaks they could do to make all the guns feel and look different should not be difficult at all.


I’m pretty sure the MK2 logo is just a placeholder and they didn’t had time fixing it before the release. I mean it is kind of a miracle this game even exists after all the shit with Square Enix. Honestly, I hope the rumours that Microsoft might buy IO are true. It would suck for PlayStation players but I don’t want them to go broke, and from what I’ve read Microsoft gives there new studios a shit ton of cash and creative freedom for the next generation.


Only problem with this is they might push windows store only aproach which would make me not buying it.


They just went independant and you want them to be enslaved again?
WTH is wrong with you guys?

This will only make things worse than they actually are…


Crowbar is the way to go . At least, that’s how it unlocked for me.


Yes. Yes. I did jump through their hoop, I mean, used the crowbar.


If they can survive as a independent studio it would be great. But like I said, in the worst case, that IO might not survive and get broke I would rather have them bought by Microsoft or published by another studio. It is not easy to survive as a independent studio.