MK II Weapon Stickers


Not so sure. If that was the absolute case, where is the ICA Explosive Cellphone MKII?


Not an absolute case true. Maybe they used the data showing what items were used most. I mean I never used that exploding cellphone in my life

What about new players? Shouldn’t they have access to some basic essential items.


They already have it since more than 50% of Hitman 2 unlocks are the same as in season1.
Same explosives, same breaches, same 1911s, same key card scramble, same syringe poison and same lockpick.


I dont think ioi wants to go through another company again like square let alone microsoft… idk they might want to see how independent works… i hope it works :slight_smile:


Then what have you being doing with your life to reject one of the best items in the franchise?


A guy named Accidental Kills tells you he does not use explosives and you ask why he does not use explosives?


A guy named like that should already have a Santa hat on his head but isn’t the case !
Now serious, why not to use explosives for those sweet explosion kills that the game has now? ICA Micro Remote Explosive is one of the new kids of the block that’s building quite a reputation.


how is that little thing? havent really even bothered with it yet


Forgive me but not a lot of people Christmas up their A’s for the holiday season!

I have a very clear hierarchy on kills. Accidents/Proxy, Disguise based (any variety of kill: shooting, stabbing), Poisoning, Fibre-wiring, Sniping then Explosives. This is naturally barring restrictions in Contracts.


Audio distraction, explosive that can be triggered by the NPCs by answering a call for it or by yourself if you shoot it, distraction that the NPCs pick up and now in HITMAN 2 it also works as a non-lethal throwable weapon.


It’s a pretty cool little tool, I was trying to kill both Victor and Dalia in the office after lockdown, but the explosion was so small that I just killed Dalia, even when I tried to move it closer to where Victor was standing, so the ICA Micro Remote Explosive can be used to take out a target close to non targets :smiley:.


Please… I can handle only so much. One day, I hope to get a planning screen where we can select any hat, top, bottoms, boots, glasses. Only jumpsuits should be immune to this. I really would like some tactical outfits. I miss the ICA Heavy Trooper from Absolution and the Armoured Suit. It was really awesome.

If that was the case, couldn’t IO say this and there would be a lot more understanding.

If the rumours are true with Obsidian, Microsoft are acting as publishers and not making pure 1st party games so Hitman could still be multiplat. It’s going to look weird on the blue Playstation case with “Microsoft Studios”.

IO forgot, they’re currently modelling a bright pink phone case with a giant “2” on it.


Or they will pullout a timed exclusive like they did with Tomb Rider.
If that will ever be the case, I’m gonna buy an XBOX just to play Hitman.


It’s the 2nd worse thing when they do that, only topping it by making 3rd party exclusive permanently. I can see a way to try to get Sony to pay up to licence the right to the platform.

Of course I don’t want to tell anyone what to do but I advise you not to fall for their marketing scheme as it would only enforce it, especially if it’s coming later. I reckon there would be major backlash if they make it 1st party. Microsoft will then have to pay the share of money that would have been from PS4 revenue sales.

Rockstar gets away with it because of the popular vote and hype that allows them to get records even without PC sales.


Since I couldn’t find the MK2 sticker in here for video purposes (The Showstopper Mk2 (Joke)), I made my own. You can use this if you want


and one without borders


Just found out where the MK II look comes from


Almost a decade after Absolution and the K&L visual style still bites us in the ass.:joy: Also that box quote further proves IGN are idiots.


The media is mostly paid. Reviews are bought. No news outlet is immune to that.
Whoever paya more gets more meta score for their reviews.


Except that is an out of context quote. There is no score for the game, in fact IGN gave it a 7. No review is paid they enjoy a game you did’t


Less score means news outlet is not paid or paid enough.