MK II Weapon Stickers


Or they did not enjoy it? I mean I think HITMAN 2 is one of my favourite games this year do it get a 1000 dollar check from IO for a steam review? I mean a seven is around the same as the aggregate with a 66 on Metacritic.


Doesn’t matter they enjoy it or not.
It is measures on wise range of parameters. Hitman being niche game it would fail to score on all aspects.
That is the reason for low scores.
Also bribing.


What are you a paranoiac? HITMAN 2 is a game that had no cutscenes, a basic story and AI that many people now see as outdated. HITMAN 2 was bolstered by its strong and functional gameplay, the introduction of new or returning mechanics, its free-form gameplay and its large and impressive levels. More than enough to get an 8 by most standards


Yea. I agree. How much did it got though?


From IGN? An eight HITMAN and HITMAN 2 have the shared average of 8 or so. It is the second highest rated in the series.


Interesting to note that today’s update changed the inventory image for the Silverballer. It now has a black body. This change was applied to both the original and MKII versions. Both guns are still silver when you are playing.

I’m assuming this change was some kind of oversight, or possibly a little hint that they’re listening. This is exactly the kind of simple reskin I would prefer to see instead of a direct copy with the sticker.


That’s much better (for the MK II version). If they do implement it, they really should just rename it to ICA19 Blackballer, remove the sticker, hey presto new weapon. Oh yeah, and change the little silver that’s left to black. Perfecto.


They have applied old striker’s textures to the silverballers. Judging from the gameplay, both variants look shiny and black(on some angles) but color is not black… It’s just the reflections.


but the other perks or spec “steady aim” was removed…?


Yeah didn’t this have steady aim before???


They should get rid of mark ll and just give you an extra item. So once you unlock the mk1 and mk2 syringe you have two in one slot like the coins. With guns you should get silenced and unsilenced. So you start with the silverballer as mk1 then mk2 should be the silenced version. So you don’t have weapons you never use and it makes it more if a challenge starting off.


The point of the MK II is that they allow new players who haven’t got the Legacy pack to have the same basic items, the problem is that they look exactly the same. What they should do is give the MK II weapons original skins so that it feels like you have some actual variety


I saw a suggestion somewhere that they should revamp the legacy items and reverse the Mk2 shit. The only reason they’re doing the mk2 stickers is because of legacy, so why not just retexture/change the legacy items instead??


That actually makes sense, what with the Legacy pack being technically seperate from H2016


Remove MKII items and replace them with different items is my suggestion? Regardless of people who don’t have the legacy, brand new items in Hitman 2 is what we should of got in the first place.


But the question is A) what different items and B) what about all of the people that won’t have access to the unlocks like the lockpick and such because they don’t have the Legacy pack?


I see your points. They could of possibly re-skinned the items completely? instead of just sticking a MKII sticker on it.

Take the melee weapons for example, we have 9/10 different looking melee items, they all do the same thing but look completely different. I think peoples biggest gripe with this (myself included) is that now I’ve unlocked every item in the game when looking through my inventory (which is for me a showcase of your achievements with what you’ve unlocked) it looks massively cluttered with duplicate items.


My point exactly. If they’re going to do this, they should take the Lethal-Pills approach of reskinning somethig into something new.

Plus, there should be a “Favourites” ability to only show favourited items


Yeah man exactly like the pills and vials method, same with the antique and modern syringes. If they’d took this approach originally nobody would of even battered an eye lid


If they’d taken that approach I’d never have created this thread, haha, but sadly, here we are