(Mobile) Headline disappears when scrolling down

Is this intended? Tbh, it bothers me a bit, especially because its strange when the only constant area changes when I’m scrolling. Example:


Maybe its so you have all the options and the title of the thread?? I do find it a bit funny tho :smile:

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It’s no criticism against it, I was just thinking if this is intended or not, because it was always the same style before.

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it’s intended. just scroll up if you want the logo to be back


I thought I was the only one. So annoying…

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Good to know. When scrolling up the logo becomes visible again, I know - but I think it’s very annoying, especially when you want to check if there’re any new notifications. I know, it just takes one more second, but I really liked the old style. But if everybody likes it, I’m of course ok with it.

It’s annoying and wack. Flush that shit down the toiler