[MOD] Freelancer Variations

1.7.12 - Gas Station

I can’t keep naming my updates “Fixes and Tweaks” so I’ve called it this. Was going to wait until I had finished standalone Passenger Train mod to put out an update, but all these FV fixes are ready to go, and one of the bugs is sort of game-breaking so I figured I shouldn’t wait any longer.


  • Berlin Egg Hunt: Adds 9x Deluxe NPCs to forest and fuel station, Adds dumpsters and CCTV cameras to gas station. The NPCs aren’t hostile this time, but they are armed and come in pairs.
  • Romania: Disables 2 possible targets that have a 1/6 chance to cause crash if they spawn
  • Sgail: Adds voice variety to guests in all variants ('cause why not?)
  • Disruptor: Disruptor no longer freezes when panicked, Removes Jason Portman as target due to being a static crowd NPC in this variant
  • Hawke’s Bay: Unlocks front door during midday and sunset variants (Only seems fair with the amount of people in and out of the house)
  • Hantu Port: Fixes Spider Lilly’s Car exit
  • Haven Night: Bradley’s guard should no longer search the map for him

No JSON update required


On Mendoza (with ETs) I saw this waitress on the table (might be happening in the unmodded game as well though?)

On the same variant, a bodyguard of Don Yates was searching for him