Mod, guards pick up abandoned body bags?

idk where to post this. tell me if you do, please.

When a guard is dragging a body bag and something catches his attention, that body bag will be abandoned there forever. Could someone make a mod that makes that if a guard sees a body bag, he continues dragging it to its destination? And maybe if a civilian sees it, he alerts a guard to do his job.

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As far as I know the other guard can be occupied with abandoned bodybag when he sees it.
I myself did the “trick” few times since H2016. Worked in all three games.
Just make another guard to be relatively close to such a bag, and after his interest to a guiding distraction is over, he will see that bodybag and drag it away.
Not always work though.
Here is how you can try to interest another guard with a bodybag:
If no close guards around to react to any distraction, place a gun close to the body bag. Not far, but not very close. Make a civilian to see it. After he saw and gone for a guard, pick that weapon up. The guard will come, see it’s a false alert, will calm down and try to turn away. But if he stands at a right point (not far, but yet not too close) to the bodybag, at the moment just after he calms down he should see that bag and react accordingly. Again, not works in 100% of cases, but works for me. I think it’s a matter of distance where the guard stands and the bodybag is. I can’t tell you the exact angle or distance - just keep trying