Modded Missions Thread + Choose Your Own Adventure [Release]

Hello friends, most of this work has so far been relegated to the modding thread, but it’s content for all PC players to download and play so it’s time a thread was created just for the release, discussion, review, playthroughs, etc of modded missions in Hitman™ 2.

This thread is for all modded missions from the community, but here is the latest which happens to be by me :stuck_out_tongue:

And just because it’s so far the biggest mission mod to date, I will leave this here with full explanation:

Choose Your Own Adventure Mission: “A Case Most Peculiar”

It is my proud honour to present to you the first ever mission in the Hitman series where you can choose who to work for, on top of which objectives to complete along the way. Taking heavy inspiration from Dishonored, in which you’re an assassin who is always given a non-lethal way of passing your mission, this mission will provide you with an experience never before offered in a Hitman game.

and will appear in the Sapienza destination tab.

To enter offline mode, simply press Enter (Or use your mouse to click “Cancel”) when it pops up saying “Connecting…” on game launch. If you want to stay in offline mode every time you launch the game, go to Options>Privacy and click “Opt Out”, you can return to online mode by pressing “Opt In” at any point.



In this mission you’ll be faced with an initial choice. Do you want to work for Caruso, or for Sapienza’s “Concerned Citizens” who want to take him down? The way you make this choice is by completing the objective of faction you want to work for.

Objectives Choice

For almost every single objective, you’ll have a choice of at least two options on how to complete it, similar to either grabbing the data core or the three hard drives in Golden Handshake. However apart from the very first objective of the mission, these choices will not take you into a new questline. Although you may have the option to make a last minute switch of allegiance :wink:

Capturing Targets

Some objectives will give you the ability to deal with a target non-fatally. To make sure a target is out of the way for the mission, or stashed for a retrieval team to take into custody later, just pacify the target and put them in any container . Due to the game not letting you put painted targets in containers while alive, these targets will not show up in Instinct (Think of them as Elusive targets).

Chaos Level
Another aspect ‘borrowed’ from Dishonored; since this mission only works offline and doesn’t give you stats, it’s only fair I give you something to reflect your gameplay style. Currently this is a rudimentary kill counter. Depending which questline and choices you take, it is possible to only kill targets and yet still get medium chaos, think of this as an excuse to use the non-violent options available to you. This Chaos Level does not affect gameplay or the mission.

Future improvements?

There were some things I would have liked to have done for this mission but simply don’t know how; without access to more of IO’s files (Like The Mills Reverie escalation script, which is only stored on IO’s servers and I don’t know how to access) I have no idea how to make improvements (Such as requiring targets be asleep, as opposed to just tranquilizing, where they can then be woken up again yet the objective still completes) so I don’t think there’s too much I can do to update this particular mission.

Also, only about 10 people have played this so far, and no issues have been reported yet but if you find any then please post them here.

Other missions

By me

By @Duckilous

By @Rieper47


What type of modded mission would you like to see next?

  • Choose Your Own Adventure - Marrakesh (Terrorists vs Freedom Fighters)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure on some other map
  • Something big and elaborate but not a Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Make the Special Assignments not shit somehow
  • Something smaller and less elaborate but still unique
  • Other [Comment Below]

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Keep in mind a new mission can only be added by replacing an existing mission, so there’s a finite amount of missions that can be put in before they start conflicting with each other

Man this is awesome!
You’re good! :+1:
Looking forward to your next missions :slight_smile:

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@KevinRudd I remember there being an escalation where on Paris the bartenders at the party by the bar where replaced by CICADA guys with shotguns.
I wonder what can we do with this :thinking:

Maybe like idk some kind of CICADA takeover.

Yeah, I’ve gone through every escalation listed on the HitmanWiki and looked for points of interest, I took note of that one :wink:

Might try Marrakesh first before I try Paris though, since Marrakesh lends itself better to having factions to choose from, in my opinion

EDIT: I’ve decided I’ll go through all the Paris Escalations manually to see if it has more potential, I might just not make it a Choose Your Own Adventure if I can’t think of a decent story for it though. Might just make it a “Variety Hour” with a bunch of interesting and weird but hopefully fun objectives

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I can help conjure stories if need be.

Oh, yo. I could totally help as well.

CICADA, IAGO, Sanguine, The Showstopper (newspaper), FSB (with Decker).

There’s many factions part of Paris that you could use (not specifically all in one mission).

Depends what the potential objectives are

  • CICADA are contractors hired by IAGO who already have everything under control, there’s no troublemakers at the event (Except 47 if he goes against them), just journalists; and getting rid of journalists is exactly the same as what IAGO would want anyway, they’re working together in Paris so they’re essentially the same faction.
  • IAGO is Novikov and Margolis, which is the same as Sanguine since Sanguine is mainly a front for IAGO, since they’re the ones running the auction and the only way it would go bad is if you go against them like in The Showstopper, I’m not sure what you can do for them besides get rid of pesky journalists (mentioned above). They don’t want to take out people like Sheik Al-Ghazali since any of those type of people are their buyers, there’s also no items I can think of that could be retrieved as an objective.
  • Sanguine: not really sure what objectives I could do that just the fashion company side would want. Doesn’t really make sense they’d want their own models or leadership killed/pacified/captured, and there are no special items that could be ‘retrieved’ for them that make any sense
  • Showstopper (Newspaper): A hack laptop for information objective makes sense, but the media wouldn’t want anyone captured since they’re not the police, and they shouldn’t be wanting anyone killed :S I guess pacify and hide rival journalists? But those are only two objectives then: 1.Deal with rival journalists 2. Hack laptop for information
  • FSB: Now this actually has potential; 1) ‘Capture’ or Kill Decker, 2) Hack laptop for information, 3) ‘Capture’ Novikov. Still a bit short though, was hoping for something longer or more ‘special’ objectives to put in the mission.

Like I said, I’ll have a look and a think, but for stories it’s not standing out as much to me as Marrakesh with (the real) Crystal Dawn, Zaydan’s forces, and the Freedom/Democracy Protesters

are ETs available?

specifically, to what extent can we mod each level?
added NPCs?
added items?

is it to the extent where we can effectively make our own special assignments?

IO shuts down people *who find a way to replay ETs and share it

As stated above, nothing can be done except putting in changes they’ve made in escalations.

Some story lines I could think of:

FSB: 1) Meet up w/ Valerie St. Clair, 2) Capture/Eliminate Max Decker, 3) Rescue Hailey Brennan, 4) Capture Viktor Novikov, 5) Eliminate Kurt Donovan, 5) Eliminate Philip
IAGO (Viktor Novikov): Meet up w/ Viktor Novikov, Eliminate Valerie St. Clair, Eliminate Hailey Brennan, Eliminate Max Decker. THEME: Tying up loose ends.
MI6: Hack Laptop for information, Capture Hailey Brennan, Eliminate Sheik Al-Ghazali (Buyer of NOC List information), Capture Dalia Margolis. OPTIONAL: Viktor Novikov cannot be harmed.

Most of those are just generic kill objectives which can be done in contracts mode, which I’m trying to avoid, and about a third of them are impossible to do (Rescue? Meet up? These things can’t be scripted in modding)

Your MI6 list sounds okay (but I’m hoping to improve on my Sapienza mission, rather than make something that’s the same or tamer), though I don’t see why MI6 would protect Novikov :open_mouth:

for escalations the notable additions I could find were:

Sabotage IAGO Auction
Hack the laptop in the Basement (Security Override, 20 second timer)
Hack the laptop in the Museum Office (Security Override, 20 second timer)
Hack the safe on Level 2 and retrieve its contents. (Voltaire Suite)
Speedboat exit only
Super enforcers (All guards can see through all disguises)
Shotgun Guards > Auction Staff and Palace Staff
Tripwire Laser and Mines (I don’t really think ppl like these)

Yes, I’ve gone through every map and made a list of these things; and yeah I think I’ll pass on the whole laser/mines stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

The safes usually only have a bottle of vodka in them, which isn’t really helpful for trying to craft a serious story :S

Majority of gameplay complications are actually only kept online, so sadly can’t be replicated in mods (Things like “Kill all targets within 30 seconds” “Hide all Bodies within 90 seconds” etc)

My rationale for why MI6 would protect Novikov is that IAGO is worth more to them intact than disbanded, since the intelligence they provide can be amazing for both national defense and black ops. If Novikov is taken out by other parties, IAGO loses the front that they operate from. Hence the objective to capture Margolis (the mastermind) but keep Novikov alive.

I like coming up with stories, here’s a fast written Showstopper one, rare flesh and bones that needs refining but could work. Will come up with more maybe later :slight_smile:

  • Showstopper (Newspaper): Objectives given by Valerie St. Clair: We are dead close to releasing the cover story of the year about IAGOs’ illegal auctioning activities. We just need a bit more waterproof intel to back up our story, and a life insurance for Miss St. Clair, who will be listed as author of the story.
    Get more intel:
  1. Retrieve an IAGO invitation
  2. Hack the second floor security system to download a copy of the surveillance tapes (cams station)
  3. Retrieve Helmut Kruger’s phone (do not kill him). Make sure Dalia Margolis picks it up. This will serve us as a recording device.
  4. Help our most important witness, former spy model Martha Harris, escape by faking her death (Sedate her, put her in a bin) (is she on the map? not sure, just writing this based on side character list :smiley: )
    Life insurance
  5. Make sure Hailey Brennan leaves the compound alive
  6. Persuade Mr. Decker to withhold the FSB file on Novikov (emetic poison him)

Not bad, interesting thought with the Helmut phone retrieval, I like that kind of idea; BUT I can’t program making the call or having her pick it up, nor can I program emetic poison, nor anything to do with camera stations at this stage (Though a generic laptop hack could replace that), and I’m pretty sure Hailey Brennan doesn’t die in any circumstance unless you personally kill her, so doesn’t really seem like an objective if all you gotta do is not kill her.

Also, don’t forget this was for a Choose Your Own Adventure, so would be good to have some choices along the way

I can’t remember the exact list, but currently the only things I know how to script as success or failure events are: Kill, Pacify, Hide body, Hack Laptop, Destroy Laptop, Pick Up Item, Drop Item, NPC gets bodybagged (Anything else, I don’t know how to do and can’t seem to find out; if anyone else knows others, please share!)

Anyway, it seems this thread is being eaten up with story and objective speculation, which isn’t what I wanted :joy:

So I’ll leave it there for now. I was more hoping people would give feedback here on the Sapienza mission I did, or any of the others in OP :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy Holidays, everyone.
Here’s a mission mod for Paris:


Hello everyone. I am kind of new here. But yeah. I would like to present my modded mission as well. Here is the link:

I edited the vanilla sapienza by editing extra target to kill.
You will start in hokkaido ninja outfits equipped with standard ninja gear with 4 magic kiwi (throw it and it will turn into weapon)
It shared a same spot with @KevinRudd sapienza mission. So you can only play one on each startup of game and you need to swap around the patch in case you wanted to change the mission.

ah. by the way, i updated my mod. so i strongly recommend you to play on casual difficulty first and then professional and then master. you will clearly see the difference. try to play on casual first in order to understand who are your target :slight_smile:
here are the new image of the mission and the load out i have prepared:

Finally, enjoy. :slight_smile: