Modding for the game. As a way to make the game more fun

Why for this game it is impossible to realize full freedom for modding?

Players would be able to bring into the game a huge amount of content, for example, new NPCs (And then the Clone War was tired), weapons, costumes, maps, bug fixes and much more.
I’m sure that if you can try to create a new storyline for 47, Agent Smith, or even make a new character.
A game would get huge popularity - just give the intrument.

Do not necessarily do everything at once, conduct an experiment.
For example, import the level editor.
As in Far cry 5:


When I have spare time

Probably when the bank and resort releases people would be able to play a recreated version rather then buying IO’s version

It’d be a tremendous boon to the game and players. Regulate it, perhaps through the Steam Workshop or something to prevent IP infringement or mod versions of DLC content, but in my experience modding only makes a game better.

Catch from a developer POV is DLC content would have to be something modders couldn’t do, otherwise people wouldn’t buy it. CA do a good job of getting around this with Total War. Mods cannot bring ‘new’ assets into the game, only modify existing ones.

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