Modern Sedative Syringe: Future Unlock?

UPDATE: The Sedative Syringe will be added to Hitman 2! It’s going to be the unlock reward for completing the Master Magician challenge pack. Both will be added to the Legacy Pack in October.

The current list of poison unlocks for Hitman 2 include lethal, emetic, and sedative vials/pills. We can also bring along lethal and emetic syringes. The sole exception is the sedative syringe, which was missing from our inventory in Hitman (2016) and still is missing from our inventory in Hitman 2. One or two topics in the past have touched upon the issue, but I’ve always wondered if this was an intentional choice by the devs.

However, the latest patch and its changes to bodies found have finally made sedatives a viable tool in the Hitman sandbox. The problem is that only 3 unlocks (sedative vial/pills and tranquilizer) in addition to a few environmental items, can even trigger the sedative effect. The missing sedative syringe was never really an issue in the past, but its absence is definitely felt after the SA update.

The syringe in question does exist in-game. I’m sure many of you are already aware that it can be found and used in the Landslide bonus mission:

I would hope that the sedative syringe is made into a future unlock in one of the upcoming DLC missions, or even better, added as an unlock through a future escalation or challenge pack. I believe the latter option would be the best, and finally fill in the noticeable gap in our repertoire of poisons.


A curious omission. I thought it was quite redundant given you can KO with most objects and even bare-handed, but after the mechanic change it would have a nice little niche in the arsenal. Good for roleplay too.

I’d also like things like the hammer to be a lethal takedown from behind, and have the melee animations from Absolution back in for variety. Can’t see it being a major task given the groundwork has already been done.


It also makes absolutely no sound, like knocking someone out with a melee or subduing them would


This is already does not result to body found. Everything works great, I checked. Just need to make it unlockable as it may be useful.


it still exists in H2


It was never an unlock in 2016 and at the time we weren’t too bothered because there was no practical use for it. But now we don’t lose No Bodies Found bonus it has become a useful unlock.


This reminds me, is there a complete list out there detailing all of the sedative items that can be found on each level? The only thing I can think of are the cannabis joints in Sapienza. Are there others?

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You’ve got the chloroform in Hawkes Bay and the sedative syringe in Landslide.
I vaguely recall chloroform being elsewhere but don’t recall where exactly.


I’d like a sedative syringe.
I didn’t bother to unlock the tranquilizer gun because of how lame it was before. The latest patch changed everything for me. #dramaqueen

It would confuse players because the current system is clear: blunt items = knockout, sharp items = kill.
Suddenly having the hammer and it being a lethal melee weapon would screw with players anticipation, the balancing of item placement on maps and maybe other things.

Maybe have a switch in the inventory to set phasers … err … hammers (and items alike) to kill or stun.


Bangkok backyard, in the exterminator van


Disappointed to find out in the latest IOI Monthly that there are no current plans to add the sedative syringe as an unlock. However, many thanks to @Travis_IOI for making a note of it to ask the team. Much appreciated!


I agree, it upset me too.

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good thing i asked that question :slight_smile:

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In my house, we would all love a sedative syringe. Would anyone be interested in signing a petition to ask them to consider adding it?


Petitions doesn’t have any effect…

Controversial opinion: make the tranquilizer gun back to how it was before, but have 2 or 3 doses available for sedative syringe and still count as SA if body is found.

My reasoning? IMHO, tranq gun is OP, but with the syringe you’re forced to get up close to the NPC/target.

Side note: yes, I think the electric phone is OP, but makes sense in accordance to the rules of SA/SO in Hitman 2 (2018). With this in mind, I believe that the explosive phone should be SA as well.

I think tranq is indeed overpowered, it can be clearly seen in TGH runs. Guess you have to lure Perez and Mann to isolated locations, subdue or knock out each of them, and then find the container to hide the body? No just shoot them with tranquilizer in front of everyone.

Yeah but that’s in a specific niche instance where two NPCs have something you need.

However, I think a bug could be used to fix this. Just make Mann and Perez optional targets, then boom now you can’t get SA from the darts, it works to IO’s advantage as now they’ve fixed an exploit and made a bug a feature

i don’t think that bug should be a feature. if tranq/sedative/accident KOs only work on some NPCs and not others, it would be confusing for the player. it would also be arbitrary if it only worked on non-targets

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tranquilizer is indeed powerful, but it replaces another powerful item: the silenced pistol. so i am alright with it. the issue i have is with its bugs