Modes in Hitman III

With all the speculation so far about Hitman III, most of it has been focused on how the game will play in the main mode of the game, which makes sense. However, I want to talk about the other modes that Hitman III (presumably) will have, and my hopes for them.


Contracts are pretty solid as they are. Still, it could always use more mission options, and perhaps some more options for players to make even better contracts. I always thought one idea would be to perhaps have a minimum distance requirement from the target, to try and create sniper contracts for instance. I guess the big question is whether or not Hitman III will use a new launcher like Hitman 2. Personally, I think it seems likely, and as such, we’ll need to recreate all of our favourite contracts again into Hitman III, but for the last the time at least.


I think Escalations have been fine tuned well in Hitman 2. Reducing Escalation lengths from 5 steps to 3 steps was really needed, and it seemed like there were less obtuse and obnoxious Escalation mission objectives. Really my only hope is for all Escalations to be ported to Hitman III, and that the really tedious ones get tweaks to be better suited.

Elusive Targets

I don’t want to have this thread to get bogged down about whether ETs should be permanent or not. But personally, yeah, just make them permanent. It feels like a joke at this point, with how many times they’ve been rerun, the fact you could replay them in both Hitman 1 and 2, not to mention the die hards simply having multiple accounts so they could play them multiple times. Hitman 2 seemed to give up on them, despite how much hype The Undying had behind him, with H2 only getting 6 all together, compared to the 26 ETs H1 got.

It’s hard to say if H3 will get any ETs. I think we will, in some shape, I think it does make sense from a marketing perspective. But I really hope they just add all ETs permanently to the game, and any new ones just stay permanent. It seems that the Gary Busey one can’t be used anymore since it hasn’t ever been rerun, so I’m guessing that is a contract thing, and I assume they would have to pay him again just to reuse the ET. Really hope whatever deal they made with Sean Bean doesn’t prevent that with H3. Obviously The Undying keeps rerunning in H2, but I really hope that deal doesn’t prevent it being used in H3, and being added permanently.

Special Assignments

Not sure anyone like any of the 4 Special Assignments. In hindsight, it definetly feels like these exist purely to pad out the H2 season pass, and it felt slightly disinginous. They are basically permanent Elusive Targets but with some slightly more map alterations put into them, along with a couple more achievements. In fact, along with me wanting ETs to be made permanent, I would even go as far as to reclassify the 4 Special Assignments as ETS #33-#36, and have them count to ET unlocks. Hope we never see these pop up again if H3 does get a season pass similar to H2’s.

Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode never felt entirely finished. Ofcourse, when H2 came out, Ghost Mode had the “BETA” sticker attached to it, and it was only playable in Miami. Colombia was later added, but Mumbai was announced, and then never added. Certainly, I think I have somewhat high hopes for Ghost Mode, with Mumbai being added one of them. I kindof want Ghost Mode to feel “finished” really. Not that isn’t already playable and fun, but I do want it to feel polished. Hopefully have Miami, Colombia, Mumbai, and at least one H3 map playable on launch, with it eventually being playable on every map large enough to faciliate it. I’m sortof hoping for some more balance, or maybe even a new take, like another mode in Ghost Mode, with a different objective rather than just the first to reach 5 assassinations.

Ghost Mode has a lot of potential, and I hope that potential is crystalised.

Sniper Assassin

I’m not sure what to think of Sniper Assassin. I like it, but I don’t think it has enough depth for me to love it. It feels so disconnected from the rest of the game, where ever other mode has you reuse the same maps while SA takes place in its own unique maps, whilst using a completely different gun system. It feels more like a bonus mode than an integral part of the Hitman games.

I’m not sure how much more of this I want. On the one hand, I would like more SA maps, add in more variety. 3 feels low, but if we can bump it up to 6 that would mean there is more replayability. Not to mention it is the only co-op mode in the game. But honestly, if IOI decided to effectively drop the mode, decide they’d rather use the resources on other aspects of the game rather than take the time to make unique maps only usable for SA, I think that would be fair.

Personally, I think H3 will have one SA map like H2 before it, just so it appeals to those who are fans of the SA mode. And I must admit, my one hope would be that they eventually port in the Sniper Challenge map from Absolution, so I can just play it from H3 than have to launch it by itself as its own game from my PC. But I assume IOI would have to rebuild the map from scratch, and I imagine why bother when you can use the time to make a brand new map instead.

Holiday Events

Wouldn’t mind seeing more holiday stuff, just don’t make it time exclusive please?

Sarajevo Six

Like Gary Busey, the reason this hasn’t left the PS3 is due to a contract signed. Saying that though, I kindof hope this thing gets settled at some point. At least with Busey, it is understandable if he’d want more money for his likeness to be used again. But with Sony, I have no idea why this contract still exists, when it basically exists just to give excluslive content to a 4 year old game for a console soon to be dead in a couple more years. I kindof hope IOI can get the rights to the Sarajevo Six eventually, I’m just forever baffled why the deal with Sony wasn’t made to expire after like a year or something.

New Modes?

Would you want any news modes for Hitman III? Personally, not really. Hitman III is going to be the last in the trilogy, and for all intents and purposes, the definitive way to play the World of Assassination trilogy. I’d like IOI spend the time polishing everything they do have, rather than have to spend time and resources on another new mode.


I don’t know if making ETs permanent is a great idea.But,I think it would be a good idea to be able to replay ETs when they are rerun if you previously completed/failed them.I don’t like that the only possibility to replay them are other accounts.

How do you feel about this I wrote couple days back?

The charm of ETs is that they don’t stay forever and that you should play them safely so you don’t fail them.So,my suggestion is:
Run the ETs in two cycles(just like now) and after a period of time from from the last cycle make them special assignments.And of course,you are able to able the ETs in both cycles.
But,give the challenges and rewards only during the 2 cycles so that the players will still feel the charm of the ETs.
Now,about the players that did not have the chance to get the challenges and rewards I have another solution.Just make the challenges they didn’t complete and cannot complete anymore disappear after the rerun of an ET in the second cycle.If they don’t know about the challenges and the unlocks,they won’t regret that they cannot recieve them anymore.
This way (almost)everyone is happy.You can replay the ETs,you still need to play them safely before they leave(if you want the challenges+unlocks) and the new players don’t want the challenges+rewards they can’t unlock(because they don’t know about them).

But what about players bought the game middle of second cycle? They will know about challenges and rewards.

I think you refer to the “Complete x elusive targets” challenges?They are included too.For example,if there are only 14 ETs left in the cycle(and you didn’t play any) the challenge for completing 15 ETs will disappear because you cannot complete it anymore.
That applies to all the challenges that cannot be completed anymore in the ET category.When you cannot complete them anymore,they disappear.

They can search on the internet, though. They could search on the internet for a walkthrough and eventually find about elusive targets.

1.They will become permanent as special assignments(but you won’t get the challenges anymore).
2.The challenges won’t appear anymore,so you won’t feel bad for seeing incompleted challenges in your game.And the suits unlocked for ETs are not so important to get as other things(and it is not like they are the only suits in this game).
Also,it is not like Hitman is the only game that has time limited content.

They won’t feel bad for incomplete challenges, but they could feel bad for cool suits that they never got a chance to get.

ET suits are not the only suits in the game, but most suits are ET rewards.
And yes, Hitman is not the only game that has time-limited content, but I’m just saying because your idea was to make new players won’t disappointed because of ETs.

Personally, I feel that there is some space for some kind of new mode that would promote a different kind of playstyle.

Right now all game mods playout in similar fashion: it is usually a fun sandbox that requires very low investment and rarely forces players into anything. If you make mistake, that’s not a big deal; you can reload, restart, or just finish the mission if you don’t care about your rating.

The only exception are ETs. They are supposed to be Hitman’s hardcore mode that requires certain amount of commitment. But they still have restart button, and heightened stakes only make abuse of this button more lucrative.

So I would say that there is some space for a mode that can recreate some of the excitement of ETs but with slightly lower overall stakes and without restart button. And also permanently accessible. Not sure what form this mode could take, but I do feel that there is place for it.

Agreed on all of this :+1:

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A complete offline mode would be quite neat


My wishes for when HITMAN III and its content is over aka the game is a year or more old:

  1. Make ETs replayable in a separate menu – just to give the players more content to play.

  2. Ties into the first point: re-run ALL elusive targets and do new elusive targets for HITMAN 2 maps, as well as HITMAN III maps.

  3. If Ghost Mode comes back: do it properly this time.
    I loved the mode but really didn‘t like how it was abandoned halfway through HITMAN 2‘s lifespan. As well as how … unfitting Colombia was for Ghost Mode (in my eyes). Miami played far better but that could be just because it was the first map in Ghost Mode.

  4. Whoops, almost forgot the biggest: make Contract Creation better. We all want to chain contracts together to create custom campaigns, to be able to give characters a back story in the briefing menu, etc.

I just want one big package (sorry for the pun…) of HITMAN that I can keep coming back to for years to come. I mean, we kind of already have that with HITMAN (and HITMAN 2) but … come on, bigger is better (again, sorry for the pun…).

If the modes that are in it get a decent amount of content I am happy.
Not decent amount of content would be just two maps for Ghost Mode and just three maps for Sniper Assassin.

I‘d dig a „Handler and Agent“ multiplayer mode though where you team up with a friend, who is your handler that guides you through the map.
Imagine playing the game in single player without instinct or other gameplay „features“ and Diana is handholding much, much more. :smiley:
Think it would be fun as a cooperative mode.


Personally I think they should just turn ETs into Special Assignments. Add in some challenges and merge some together and you’d have a pretty good set of not-quite bonus missions


I would like ghost mode for more levels but them abandoning it in H2 just makes me not want to bother getting invested in it. I wouldn’t mind more sniper maps and I don’t think they take a huge amount of resources to build but please make mastery less grindy.

I worry they’re going to do Special Assignments again but call them something else to give us hope that they will be actual bonus missions this time and then not be. They were somewhat deceptive with them in H2 to make the season pass appear more valuable than it was.

I hope we get more escalations and elusives this time. Season 1 had way more than 2. Granted, the escalations were definitely better quality in 2 but I generally enjoy these more than contracts so I missed how many there were in 1.

In terms of new modes, I wouldn’t mind if they just put in a completely unbalanced and non-lore friendly co-op mode. Just allowing 2 people to fuck up a map and come up with weird dual strategies. Sure, it would be a terrible way to seriously play the game when the maps are balanced for one player but ah whatever, it will give us some good videos.


Agreed for the most part. They can just call Special Assignments what they are tho, because now the precedent has been set for what they are.

If they’re any bigger? Then that makes them bonus missions.

Contracts, Escalations and Elusive Targets should return just like they did before, with more features and creative ideas. I loved the H2 escalations compared to the H1 ones!

Ghost Mode? Sniper Assassin? Please trade that to more polishing. Give us the sniperrifles and the ghost mode gadgets as unlocks for random challenges ingame, and thats it. Please.

The only mode I would enjoy would be a coop mode, where we can play the same missions, but with another one. 47/Lucas Grey, or the both assassins from the sniper assassin maps. That would be lovely!

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