Sorry if it’s not okay to ask for this sorta thing. But is there any kind of site to change the skin from Agent 47 to different characters?

Don’t think it is possible yet.

I’m sorta new to this site, just curious. Not that I don’t like playing Agent 47. I just wish there was skins like with Blood Money. But because it’s such an old game, nobody seems to give a rats ass.

For Blood Money people have actually created tools to edit the game files.
Until someone finds a way to export/import textures or models from/into HITMAN, it’s not possible.

explain this

I’ve been thinking about doing this again this weekend so if anyone has any suggestions hit me up.


I have an idea… Agent 17! That would be awesome :grinning:

Like I’ve already said: Software is needed to mod games.
Question is whether you wrote the software to edit files or you just photoshopped ducks onto the cloth texture really quick.

You guys realize I’m talking about Contracts? Not the new game.

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uh… it’s in the Contracts category.

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Damn I feel stupid right now.

The cringe is real.

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Black version of the Requiem suit plz

The Requiem suit was impeccable in Blood Money.
However I didn’t like that they kept the striped tie. The pure blood red tie would’ve been kick-ass, as it’s 47’s signature.

I wish someone would mod the tie so that it’s blue. 47 has no signature look. He can be anyone. He can be anywhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what I meant . Is the cover of Hitman Blood Money, 47 in a sailor’s suit?

My main problem with the Requiem Suit is the fact that it is buttoned up. Makes 47 look much more plump than he is.

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Don’t ask me it was the f-ing Franchise. BTW why did they change his suit? :grin::grin:

here is a nice mod for hitman,altering graphics,you will just have to decrease lumasharpness to 1.5 or something manually and add antialiasing in game and it will work like charm,way better graphics at no expense.