Moments when Hitman has emotionally affected you


Whether it’s fear, anger, sadness, etc: has Hitman ever impacted you emotionally?

I’ll give my strongest example.

When I play The Meat King’s Party, I get angry when I see the girl’s hanging corpse, even to this day it still angers me. It really makes me want to murder Meat King’s brother. Even though I know it’s fictional it still affects me. That means the devs at IO did their job and immersed me.

How about you guys?


When Diana says ‘Bastard!’ after finding out Soders is behind it. So much emotion. :cry:


When 47 calls Diana a bitch.
I was like “Hoooooly shit!” and burst out in laughter the first time.


Always knew i didn't belong in this world. I wasn't made for this. But I'll never forget- those who betrayed me, and those who never failed my trust. I'll be carrying nothing from Gontranno but this lesson: never trust anyone and rely on your instincts. Forget the past. I'll never find peace here. So, I'll seek justice for myself. I'll choose the truth I like.


It actually surprised me a lot the first time I watched and listened to the soundtrack of Silvio’s VHS of memories and listening to his self-hatred statements.


47 snapping the canary’s neck with his dead-eye look. Scarred me for life!


When I got to the library level in Absolution. I reloaded a save and all the cops respawned. I thought, “holy crap, this is terrible.” :disappointed:


when 47 told the bartender “I need to use the bathroom” , I felt like I actually had to use the bathroom. 10/10 immersion


When 47 couldn’t pull the trigger on Diana. The tin man had a heart after all. Got very emotional at that scene.


I thought it was pretty cool when 47 carried Victoria through the orphanage when the goons were looking for them.


I’m with you on that one. Bugged me too… It made it worse because I have a young daughter.


Same. As much hate as Absolution gets, that part was cute when he whispered to her that he’d protect her. It was pretty out of character, but it was a different side of 47, the side he tries to suppress 24/7.


I feel very inspired in some way when in Hitman 2 47 pulls out the Ballers from the briefcase. It feels epic.
Another similar emotion I had and still have was when in one trailer in Blood Money 47 assembles the Sniper.


If being affected emotionally also includes feeling like a badass then hell yeah. Completing the hitman games SA/SO is the most satisfying and badass experience ever. 47 is clearly a legend among assassin’s.


I nearly cried when I saw Frantz Fuchs in the shower


And those pictures on the projector with it… Damn.


In Absolution. When Lenny in the barbershop was talking about how he took out 50 men. That made me angry compared to the reality.


When I kill soders with Kai I get excited and think “holy F this is fucked up lets get out of here huehue”.

Also, in the classics, when I’m poisoning the targets food/drink when he is away for a short while I’m scared they return and spot me doing it. Same for strangling the target and hoping a guard wouldn’t see.

The only time I was legit scared in the Hitman series was when I found the ghost in the Galar hotel and when I discovered the girl in the meat kings party. Picked up her arm and when I was leaving the brother opened the door right in my face and started attacking me :frowning:


The credits…


C47 Loading screens. Jesus, that is NOT 47,