Moments when Hitman has emotionally affected you


The first time i laid my eyes on Contracts.
It was hunter and hunted and boy i just cant describe it with words… they were emotions of awesomeness.

What else?

  • All asylum missions from C:47 & Contracts and their vibe including ort-meyers dialogues.
  • The feeling of being alone and scared in large maps of C:47, Including Rotterdam Harbor & Jungle ( also seeing that Tiger for the first time)
  • Hitman 2 Silent assassin’s Snow missions, Russia (the feeling of cold chill and being in retro places) and An invitation to a party (It generates an atmospheric emotional vibe, high class party plus lonely outside snow)
  • Blood money’s Flatline, (outside in that pinecone area) & Heaven and Hell
  • Absolution trailers (47’s ICA File + Saints + run for your life and others)
  • Hitman Sniper’s teaser trailer plus that vibe of in game Montenegro mission
  • That first Artwork Released for Paris (night time in rain)
  • World of Assassination Trailer + Sapienza Trailer
  • Paris and Hokkido
    Best for last
    The entire Hitman Contracts Installment (It will take tooo long to enlist the feels in that one installment)

To add bad feelings aswell
The cringe worthy story of this new 2016 installment where they emasculated the Hitman’s long legacy of in depth lore and storyline.
(Similar feelings happened with Absolution’s story but i somehow forgave it overtime)


helping Agent Smith was always satisfying, it’s a shame he hasn’t made a return … or has he ?


47 picking up his Silverballer from his hand and using it to shoot himself is one of the best cinematic shots as far as video games go. Snapping Ort-Meyer’s neck felt like he was saying “Enough of your bull, old man!”. The sneak peak we got for Diana in the end of Contracts, 47 dressing up (with a new dress shirt from his briefcase, getting down to business even after being shot) and the white room in the beggining of Contracts are all one of the best moments in the frnchise for me.


The lack of polish to certain aspects of HITMAN 2016 annoys me.
As for emotional impact, I want to say being a scared 13 year old the first time I played through contracts all those years ago. The music and dark atmosphere got to me. It still holds up pretty well.


The thin I’ll always remember is how I was holding Yamazaki at gun point. After pleading/threatening me… She did something so human: she asked me for a cigarette. As a smoker that hit close to home because it’s likely what I would ask for if I was about to die.


I agree, Contracts is still my favourite :slight_smile:


I´m kind of between love and hate to love…
When memory fails and can´t get that slide…
Not even sure wanting to use it.
Like a blind man in the Pro.
I remember Bjarkhov bomb.

That I know…
everything else…Mass murderer…


The entire Swing King mission… watching the guy’s world fall apart… realizing he was ruined before I arrived.

Last time I played that mission, I sedated him and quit the mission but not before I dropped a beat down on that hat-wearing slickster who kicked the Swing King when he was down already. :sunny:


I know right? That scene affected me so deeply that every morning before using the bathroom, I look at myself in the mirror and say that line.

In fact I’ll probably have a lock installed in my bathroom door soon, so that I can give myself the keys.


Running to the exit after I shot an elusive target and all the guards are looking for me, but I had changed disguises so they probably weren’t gonna blow my cover.


Hitman Absolution, the cops that punched the guy to the ground in the “prison” behind the courthouse.
I’m not sure how often I killed them, and in how many different ways.


First time I heard Winter Nights from the contracts soundtrack.


This. Made. Me. Cry. Tears. Of. Joy. At. The. Time…


The ending of SA with 47s speech is legendary. It gave me chills. Also the aforementioned neck snapping of the canary. It was nice to see 47 taking care of something but coldly killing if it was a threat to his safety.


I was running around yesterday on several maps to check out cool NPC names. I noticed that quite alot of them who stand around in pairs share the name last name. I just realized that I killed them over and over ago in the past without knowing they did not met each other just this day on this map but must know each other their live long. What a way to die, next to a family member. Touching. :flushed:



Me: (first time ever seeing it) “He won’t, he won’t, he won’t, he won’t.”



I’m going to be real.

I don’t normally post information I like keeping to myself. I’m recently coping with a lot of issues which I do wish I want to keep anonymous. Whenever I come home, I always get onto HITMAN with new ideas and a chance for creativity.

Whenever I’m bursting in tears, or burning with anger, HITMAN will always cool me down; from it’s scenery to it’s fun ways to kill someone.


When I realized Absolution was totally different, I was… disheartened, to say the least.


i kinda feel bad for Shooting Ort-Meyer in Codename 47…

“You broke my Heart, my Son…What good is a bulletproof Vest, when Death strikes from within?“

Also the Moment when Lei Libg kisses him and he trembles, because he doesnt know how to handle that sign of affection. :cry:


Ohh Hitman affected me many times:
-When I discovered the corpse of the girl in the Meatkings Party I lost it. I was sooo pissed off. Killed his brother,strangled him to death if I recall correctly.Then I proceeded dragged his body to a hook just to hang it while being very careful in not getting caught.
-Killing Joe Clarence. It was a very good target because killing him was more in the “morally grey” area. He is broken,saddened,blackmailed by a bunch of 2-bit-gangsters. And now this baldheaded psycho menaces to open up his head with an hammer after showing him a pick of a teen that died god knows how long ago after killing his assistant? I felt like an actual Hitman. As long as I get my check I do what I have to do. Which is something I’d like to see a bit more. Feels great to open up a bastard that deserves it,feels great to ALSO deal with the fact that you are a remorseless killer,not a hero. If they somehow decided to have 47 kill a lovable granny for one million dollars he’d do it.
-Blood Moneys Ending had me stunned in how amazing Diana’s plan truly was. I should’ve seen it coming but I legitimately thought that was IT for 47 the first time around. Then I felt the pulse beating and I got up. Awesome way to end an awesome game.
-When 47 shot Diana,scarred me for life man. #feelsbadman
-Contracts Ending,made me feel like a badass and I went Rambo on every cop on the map. Sorry but the rattling music and 47s speech were just too awesome not to end it guns blazing
-Blood Money,when you replace the prop gun with a real mauser and get Alvaro killed,then kill Delahunt with a falling chandelier and Apocalypse starts playi ng. I felt like a badass!
-Jasper Knight’s Ejector seat kill had me rolling on the floor of laughter,it was unexpected as hell.
-SA’s ending made me feel a little bit empty,as it should have. SA had an unexpectedly powerful story telling at times. Really loved how fitting the ending was.
And finally
-Jordan Cross’s Confrontation,it was some sort of insight in 47’s mind and way of talking and had me paying full attention to the dialogue lines all the way through.