Moments when Hitman has emotionally affected you


There was one Moment while playing Silent Assassin for the First Time that i’ll never forget:

47, this is Clera, Diana isnt here at the Moment…“

What do you mean, Diana isnt here?! she was always there - what did you to her? has the ICA fooled me? IS THIS A TRAP?! :grin::grin:


When 47 killed his pet canary.

It happened off-screen so I tell myself he actually just put a blanket over the cage and the bird just fell asleep with a little squawk of delight…

*fingers in ears * shut up shut up shut up!


I never quite understood it,I thought that Sergei had kidnapped Diana or some shit but nope! Nothing at all. Probably some problem with Vivianne McKee?


ive heard that after recording the dialog for the game they thought its not clear enough that you have to shoot the glass to go over the skybridge. And McKee wasnt available anymore so another Girl did this Line.

but back in the day it made me PARANOID!


IKR I was like “wait did they just kill Diana off-screen?”