More agility in the next game?


I was thinking that they should keep expanding on what 47 can actually do physically. For example, peeking around corners, using human shields, and hanging people by fibre wire from up top in elevator shafts. Some things that I would personally like to see:

  1. 47 could pull people around corners to strangle/snuff them: If 47 was pressed against the wall at a corner or doorway he could pull a bystander aside to snuff them silently and out of sight with fibre wire.

  2. crawling underneath doors: You know in those cat videos on the internet where a cat squeezes through a seemingly impossiblly small space underneath the door? What if 47 could do this too. This would give us more strategies for getting around closed or locked doors.

  3. What if 47 could contort into different shapes? Like if he could contort into the shape of a chair and unsuspecting targets would sit on him? He could contort into various objects and blend in with the environment.

  4. 47 could hide up above in small rooms and narrow enough hallways by pressing his arms and legs against opposing walls to keep his body hoisted up and out of site (not sure what this is called, sorry for poor description. You see this often in movies with ninjas and stuff, ex: in the matrix where they are hiding in the chimney by holding their bodies up against the surrounding walls)

Let me know what you guys would like to see.


Or… Vents? :thinking:



Metal Gear Hitman
(20 chars)


The last one is straight from Splinter Cell.


Don’t think these actions are appropriate for 47. Instead I’ve been meaning to ask, why can’t guards do agility actions like climbing ladders, or pipes if it’s the only way to capture 47?


10/10 shitpost. Slipping in one ridiculous idea into 3 improbable ones is genius. Bravo.


Same (bored of his life) troll, different account.


And you can be the motion capture actor for these?


Because 47 has the high ground


I would actually like to see the hanging from above with the fiberwire from BM return, but not just from elevators trap doors, but also from ledges and such.


You are asking waaayyyyy too much.

Let’s be real, there won’t be a dueling pistols that was in every game since 2000. I’m not saying wishing, but even thinking that they could add something like this is heresy.


Too much? We had it in BM, it’s not a new mechanic, sure it’s a not an easy one, but it would allow for more variety and since we had it in the past they just need to implement it again, it was extremely fun to hang unsuspicious targets from above.
Also I’m not asking for dual wielding, just fiberwire hanging.


This is not the Incredibles.



that is the problem with this game. All the most simple and common things that we had in the past are gone.
Even design materials such as the Logo. THE LOGO! They removed that.
Season 1 you see the logo only at the end of the mission under a form of points/stars as a vote for how good you did.

Barcode on pistols are LAME! It’s ICA yes, but use to logo of the ICA and not a barcode.
ICA weapons in Absolution for example were trademarked with the ICA logo.


@DarthbeaverXP you’re on a roll. What great ideas mate! My own suggestion is to implement neck stretching so that 47 can look over tall obstacles. It’s definitely frustrating when there’s a wall in your way and you don’t know what’s on the other side.

We have no reason to doubt Ortmeyer may have used giraffe DNA in his cloning experiments.


You can…

Prop Hunt 47

Worked in Absolution.

I read that as pornstars. Da Fuq


That’s a great idea.

What I would like to see is some sort of super jump ability. Would be great for speed-runners. Maybe even allow 47 to kills him enemies by jumping on their heads. The opportunities are endless.


I agree with lots of points, but for this one, only if the door would fit him, but we could also apply it to vents.

This, would be very hard for a guy this muscular, and it would look very weird


Yeah because 47 in a italian suit somehow means agile and flexible. He’s not solid snake or sam fisher with their latex infused muscle suits, 47 is slow and methodical by nature. Hes a sharp dresser for a reason, and no doing the splits between two walls is not that reason.


Or bloodpools. Or human shield. Or assembly animations, etc.