More agility in the next game?


47 can already do this. Very potent move.

This is a gimmick from WOLFENSTEIN 2: THE NEW COLOSSUS. I am not sure it is worth stealing.

It is sort of possible right now to press against a wall and crouch to allow enemies to walk right past 47 without noticing him as compared to 47 pressed against the wall while standing.

What would be cool and in keeping with 47’s style is that he can do this if hanging from a wall indentation and then slide all the way down the wall and straightening his tie after the landing.


Except 47 was bad at it and got caught! Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue: Because of course enemies had Plot-Vision in that game.


I was with you on the 1st one and then I got to the second one and I was like “uh…Hitman is a puzzle game” and then I got to the 3rd one and I just laughed.

Man that’s straight out of a cartoon-get out of here.

I stopped reading


What if 47 could contort into the shape of a dog and then people would just think he’s someone’s pet roaming around?


You need a better troll persona. This one is weak. We’ll wait for another account that you’ll make, ok?


What if 47 could cartwheel around to help dodge gunfire?


that’s actually not a bad idea. but instead of a cartwheel, it’s just a roll to cover


I do like the idea of enhancing 47’s agility … but in realistic ways. lol

It’s a minor thing, but I think 47 moves a bit too slowly while hanging from ledges. It takes forever to navigate around the exterior of the Paris chateau, for example.

In later Splinter Cell games, Sam Fisher puts his feet against the wall while hanging and uses the extra purchase this provides to shimmy much quicker.

We know from Hitman 2016’s CGI trailers that 47 is extremely athletic, too. So perhaps the developers could make it so that 47 shimmies slowly, using only his hands, while the player uses just the analogue stick, but puts his feet against the wall and moves more quickly while the player holds the run button.

Like I said, nothing spectacular or game-changing, but it’d be a neat little addition to make climbing feel more fluid and 47 feel more capable without technically making the game any easier.


Skittering around the air ducts… what’d ya want, a 47 Xenomorph from Alien? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t you think that’s because he doesn’t wear dress shoes? :rofl:


Erm … yeah, possibly. Shimmying quickly only allowed if 47 “borrows” suitable footwear.

That’s the kind of attention to detail I now demand from IO. lol




Troll’s steamrolled for now.