More gothic themed levels in the future?

Hi everyone. I love the Hitman series. I´ve been playing Hitman since Contracts. And I like
all those games exept Absolution.
Now my request is, more gothic themed Hitman levels. I really liked the levels in Contracts
because of the gothic aesthetics we saw in many of the levels.

The meatkings party, with the bizarre fetish stuff.

Beldingford manor, an old mansion.

Rendezvous in Rotterdam, with the bikers.

Traditions of the trade, with a real ghost in it.

I also like the fact that all those levels were dark and rainy. Now I know Io made all the levels dark and rainy due to time constrains. But the result was good. I really liked it.

Perhaps we could see more gothic themed levels in the future. Like another big mansion. Or why not a big cathedral, with a crypt and a foggy cemetary, or an old central european castle, where 47 must infiltrate and kill the leader of a satanic cult. Levels and targets like that would be awsome.

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The Ark Society is literally exactly what you want


Oh I forgot to mention that I havent played Hitman 2 yet. Didn`t know about that level.

If you’re into those types of maps then you’ll enjoy Isle of Sgail/Ark Society very much. It’s basically a big castle and it has lots of medeival stuff.

Ahh a person who likes Contracts… as do I, but though the bleak nature of Contracts was very atmospheric I unfortunately gotta break the news and say that the atmosphere was the current weather when 47 was shot/dying. So reality was breaking into his memories during the events of Contracts. Though I understand what you mean and do support this just remember that Contracts was all just one big misinterpreted memory.


Tbh I don’t see Hitman 3 go fully dark compared to Hitman S1 & Hitman 2, but I do hope we get atleast one gritty level before the story ends. Imo Hawkes Bay and Isle aren’t the kind of dark levels that the game needs. A level where the player feels genuinely creeped out in a eerie environment is just the right kind of dark this game could use.

1 dark level is enough, only if it’s pulled off right.


I wouldn’t classify the levels you refer to as gothic, but I’m with you 100%. The mature themes and gritty atmosphere of Contracts is hands down why it’s my favorite of the bunch. I’d love to see new levels with a similar approach in style and execution.

However, I think it would be a delicate task for the creative minds at IOI. That sort of content could easily fall into the camp of tasteless and cringy, as we saw with Absolution. I like Absolution but it had, in my opinion, too many moments that felt “wrong”.

It’s hard to articulate what makes one thing cool as shit and the other tasteless, so I won’t try. I’ll just leave something as simple as the intro as an example of what I mean with mature and gritty atmosphere. I think it perfectly represents the style I miss.

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Absolution went more for the harsh type of climates in our real life world filled with stereotypes. The only level from Absolution I consider dark is Rosewood. The first thing that popped up in my head on the first playthrough was “damn, this is some Contracts type of shit”. Apart from that, nothing really dark, just cruell and harsh.

You gotta show some mature shit to top Contracts level dark.

Nothing like a BDSM party between dead horses hanging from the ceiling drenched in blood, organised by a morbid obesity fatso for his acquisition of the murder his brother commited upstairs, right after he raped the victim and cut off her arm. - The Meat Kings Party :new_moon_with_face:

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sometimes i wonder why HITMAN is more lighthearted than it’s predecessors, then I remember that Absolution and the Meat King’s party exist

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I prefer the James Bond spy adventure stuff, but yeah you’ll love Ark Society. I love it too, it’s good to mix things up. You’d also like Patient Zero’s “The Author” mission, probably. I’m sure there will be a “dark” level of some kind in Hitman 3.

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The tastelessness in Absolution was because of the characters. They were all ridiculous. Especially the nuns. Oh those terrible leather nuns. How I hated them…


It´s not really the gore I liked in that level. More the overall atmosphere, and the decadence of having a fetish party in a slaughterhouse. It made the party (not sure how to describe it) more evil and exreme in a satisfying way. If you like me likes that kind of stuff. Would be nice to se more satanic parties. Like perhaps a secret and illegal party, with cannibals, where they gather to eat innocent people and serve blood as drinks at the bar. And 47 has to infiltrate this party to kill the leader.

The blood drinks may be a bit cheezy I know. But I´ve heard of secret societies whos doing it in real life.

Now this may contradict my previous statement that I did not liked the gore, but I dont need to se flayed bodies hanging from the ceiling. Just the notion that something evil and shady going on at the party would be enough for me. :clown_face:

A cult summoning a demon in a old castle would be great for you then. Black robes, candles and animal remains as offering. I like your style.

Problem with the darker tone is that it doesn’t mesh well with the more lighthearted approach they’ve gone for, with the quirky scenarios and kills.
I don’t think Meat King’s party would have the same effect if you could kill Sturrock with a little explosive Napoleon Bonaparte, then slap his brother with a fish, all while dressed as a Flamingo

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