More map/mission concepts

Mumbai Bonus Mission: Power Struggle
Story Summary: Although the ICA doesn’t concern itself with the political and social fallout resulting from their contracts, in this particular case it would seem that fate had intervened - The ICA has accepted a contract from an anonymous source in Mumbai.

For years, the slums of Mumbai have been under the illegitimate control of Dawood Rangan, Vanya Shah and Wazir Kale. Now that they are all dead, the slums are up for grabs and the vultures are circling.

First is a former mobster turned real estate mogul. With an interest in seizing financial control of the slums in order to create a real-estate monopoly, this individual is resorting to particularly devious methods to flush out those who resist.

The second formidable force vying for power is the new hierarchy of the Crows gang that assumed power following the death of the Maelstrom. However ruthless Wazir Kale was, he kept his men in check. Without The Maelstrom around to lead, three sick and deprived individuals now share equal rule over the gang and partake in truly heinous acts of oppression and savage domestic terrorism in order to rule the slums by fear.

The Real Estate Mogul has hired a small team of mercenaries in addition to his own private security team, and they often clash with the Crows in volatile battles that result in much collateral damage.

The latest skirmish has resulted in the Crows bombing a utility substation and plunging the entire area into darkness in order to hopefully scare away the mogul- but he remains undeterred. Without electricity or running water, the citizens are suffering.

The client has his own less nefarious plans to gentrify the slums and has contracted the ICA to eliminate the Mogul as well as the hierarchy of The Crows.

In a rare exception for ICA policy, non-target members of The Crows gang are authorized as acceptable collateral, however the mercenaries and the Mogul’s private security team are not. (47 may kill any Crow’s member without penalty. Witnessed kills and bodies found from non-accident kills still count against mission rating).

Map Design: The time is just past midnight. The majority of the map is without electricity. There are generators set up with flood lamps in vital areas, and a few buildings have backup generators powering them, but largely the area is in darkness.

Rangan’s tower has been seized by The Crows and their former underground hideout has been abandoned. It is one of the few areas with electricity, but it is also a hornet’s nest of ruthless criminals and killers. The 3 leaders of The Crows can be found in various locations around the area.

The train depot has been gated off. The Merc team is using it as their base of operations.

The Mogul is hiding out in a well secured house on The Hill. Most access points have been blocked off so 47 will have to get creative.

Restless citizens rally in the streets with signs of protest, while others are on the verge of riot, surrounding Rangan tower while Crows guards keep them at bay with the threat of unrestrained weapons fire.

Nobody except the Crows know that the Mogul is on the Hill, so the citizens are not interested in that area.

Rangan Tower, The Hill and the Trainyard are all hostile areas to any disguise except their respective guard/merc/gang member uniforms.

Default Starting Location: Rangan Tower Construction Site. Additional starting locations can be unlocked.

Default Suit: ICA Covert Gear- All black outfit with tactical pants, combat boots, tactical shoulder harness with pistol holster, long sleeve black shirt with sleeves rolled up. This suit is locked to the default starting location and is suspicious to guards and gang members when worn. Civilians mostly don’t seem bothered by it. Other non-suspicious suits can be worn after unlocking neutral starting locations.

New Weapons and gear:

Flare Gun- Launches an orange flare that can distract multiple people at once. Will ignite fuel sources and knock out human targets with a head shot. 1 round capacity, additional flares must be collected from around the map.

Druzhina 34 Tactical (carried by elite mercs)- Silenced, night-vision 2x scope.

Flash Light- 3-cell flash light that makes a good non-lethal melee weapon. It’s secondary function is illuminating darkened areas. (heehee). Carried by various NPC’s.

Torch- Wooden stick with flammable material at one end. Carried by some civilians.

Glow Stick- Glows in the dark. Useful as a distraction, not much else.

Kalmer 1 w/tracker dart- Kalmer 1 that fires a GPS tracking bug designed to quickly adhere to cloth. Light impact is virtually undetectable, dart breaks off and falls away mid-flight. Tracker can be used for various purposes- 1, an on-site smart weapons system can be programmed to target the tracker regardless of its location, 2, it can be used to mark other important NPC’s to be tracked when using Instinct.

Night Vision Goggles- Exclusive to a specific disguise, allows the user to see better in the dark. Activated via the inventory menu.

ICA Silverballer Tactical- 47’s custom Silverballer affixed with a red laser sight for extreme precision (bullet will always strike where the laser dot is, dot will only show up at the max effective range the pistol or less.

Disguises- Merc Elite- Basic mercenary uniform. Merc Strike Team- Tactical Gear and night vision goggles. Merc Commander- Unique disguise, ineffective with Merc soldiers but will get you face to face with the Mogul (who has never met the commander in person.) Mogul’s Security Team- Your basic low-rent Security dude. Crows Street- Basic Crow’s gang member outfit, several variations. Crows Assault- Well equipped Crows hanging around planning a strike against The Hill. Courier- Basic street clothing and a black ski mask. The Crows have kidnapped a citizen and assigned them with the task of collecting extortion money from several people around town. The Courier is afraid to take the money, but is also afraid of being killed if he doesn’t. 47 can relieve him of his duty, collect the money, and get into Rangan tower to deliver it. Place a Bomb in the bag and blow it up after delivery. Classic Hitman. Alternatively, 47 can find a way to encourage (read: threaten) the Courier to do his job and then just take the bag and his clothes from him after he’s collected all the money and deliver it himself.

The idea of this mission is to both allow for traditional Hitman game play, but also offer a more stealth/tactical approach for those who choose. 47 begins in a hostile area wearing a disguise that is suspicious to all combatant NPC’s, but after playing the mission once a second starting location is unlocked where 47 can start in any of his normal suits which are not suspicious unless trespassing or in a hostile area.

Miami Bonus Mission: Independence Day
Briefing: Good evening, 47. We’re sending you to Miami to fix a bit of a problem. Your target is Dmitri Fedorov, the very same Dmitri Fedorov that was supposedly killed at the Gama Medical Facility in Hokkadio last winter. Allow me to explain.

As it turns out, the man you eliminated in Hokkaido was in fact NOT Fedorov, but a man named Warren Sutherland. Fedorov, knowing that the explosion that injured him was the result of an assassination attempt gone wrong, used the opportunity of his stay at GAMA to have alterations done to his own physical appearance - as well as find someone to assume the role of his body double. Fedorov paid Sutherland, who was already planning to have cosmetic facial reconstruction surgery, to take on Fedorov’s own appearance, and paid him an additional Million to stay quiet about it.

Little did Sutherland know, this was all a set up. It was well known that Fedorov survived the explosion as his factory, so he had to come up with a convincing plan to fake his own death to throw his assassins off the trail.

That is where we come in. Fedorov, under an alias and unbeknownst to us at the time, hired the ICA to eliminate Dmitri Fedorov at the GAMA Medial Facility - which of course meant actually killing Warren Sutherland, while Fedorov escaped with a new look and a new life.

Unfortunately for Fedorov, Sutherland was the estranged son of a world-renowned Private Detective, who quickly took up the case and discovered financial bread crumbs leading all the way back to Fedorov’s new identity- an An American Fireworks Dealer named “Daemon Frederick”. How creative.

Fedorov is currently in Miami for the annual Independence Day Celebration, both supplying the fireworks for the big show as well as apparently getting back into the arms trade business.

Our client wants Fedorov, the real one, put down for good. As an optional secondary objective, our client has informed us that Fedorov is known to carry a large amount of cash in a secure briefcase whenever he travels. It is usually carefully guarded by one of his personal body guards. If you choose, retrieve the briefcase. Our client offers this as extra incentive to make sure Fedorov suffers.

Good hunting, 47. I will leave you to it.

Map: Miami by night. The map is decorated in various patriotic livery. Civilians wander about visiting merchandise booths on the main concourse, eating, drinking, hanging out by the water, playing in the water fountains in front of Kronstadt, etc.

The Kronstadt Building is closed and inaccessible. After Robert Knox’s death, the entire building was shuttered - there is no way in. The roof is still accessible.

The Pit Building has limited access, and the garages are inaccessible.

The Parking Garage is highly secured, this is where Fedorov is selling illegal arms including explosives such as missiles and missile launchers.

A singer is perched at the podium across from the Grand Stands singing various patriotic songs such as “America the Beautiful”, while a few dozen fans watch from the Grand Stands.

In the Northern portion of the map, on the road, is a display of Military Equipment such as cannons and tanks.

The Pink Building at the very Northern end of the map is where Fedorov is conducting his business. It is well guarded.

The Medical Building is open for business and you can find a number of civilians with burn injuries in the waiting room.

The coast along the west side of the Kronstadt building is dotted with beach chairs and blankets where civilians plan to watch the Fireworks. The Fireworks will be launched over the water from the Northern part of the shore.

Kill Opportunities:

The Rocket’s Red Glare - Dmitri is attempting to sell a rocket engine. Sabotage the engine, then pose as the buyer and demand a demonstration. When the engine doesn’t fire, Dmitri will begin to tinker with it - at this point, repair the problem you create and fire the engine in his face.

Bombs Bursting in Air - Panic Dmitri so he flees via Helicopter, then trigger the Fireworks show to shoot him out of the sky.

Oh Say, Can You See? - Dmitri will demonstrate a crowd-dispersal device which sprays a blinding chemical. Tamper with the device so that it detonates in Dmitri’s face, blinding him. Kill him when the buyers walk away.

The Grand Finale- Sabotage the Fireworks show. Dmitri will come down to fix it. Begin the Grand Finale while he is working on the system, detonating all of the fireworks on ground level and burning him to a crisp.

A Brief Case- Steal the Money Briefcase from Dmitri’s Personal Body Guard. Dmitri will panic and begin frantically searching for it. Knock him out with it and then kill him.

About-Face- One of Dmitri’s arms sale clients is the very same man that attempted to have him killed in the Fireworks Factory Explosion. Dmitri knows this, and plans to sell him a sabotaged bomb which Dmitri will detonate when the client is a safe distance away. Steal Dmitri’s phone from his office and call the Client, informing him of Dmitri’s true identity, and to look out for the telltale marks of plastic surgery- scars behind the ears, chin. Return the phone and allow the meeting to happen. The Client will question Dmitri, who will break down and admit his identity. Dmitri will try to shoot the Client. You can can do one of a few different things here:

  1. Allow Dmitri to kill the Client, and then kill Dmitri before or as he flees on his Helicopter;
  2. Snipe Dmitri just as he draws his gun. The Client will recognize this as a saving act and won’t report the kill, leaving your SA rating intact… but the gun has to be drawn before you shoot, otherwise the Client will panic, not knowing why Dmitri was shot. If you still have Dmitri’s phone, the Client will call and thank you for your intervention;
  3. Or pose as one of Dmitri’s guards, and shoot Dmitri with your pistol before he kills the Client. The Client will see this as prevention of a murder and show gratitude, then leave. You can hide the body.


-Firecrackers - Distraction Device. Can ignite flammable liquids.
-The Bigger One - Powerful exploding firework, not strong enough to kill, but can detonate explosive materials such as propane tanks and the like.

-.50 Caliber Sniper Rifle - Powerful rifle that can penetrate a single wall to hit a target. Very loud, fire and RUN.

-Chloroform Scarf - A long strip of fabric soaked in Chloroform. 47 wraps this around a target’s face and holds it tight to cause them to pass out, and then can drag them away instantly. Basically a non-lethal Fiber Wire, if you want to look at it that way.

Suit Rewards:
Patriot’s Suit- (Dmitri’s outfit) Similar to the Cowboy Suit, but with an American Flag livery on the jacket.

Vice Suit- White business jacket, pants and shoes with an unbuttoned teal shirt and sun glasses.

New Mission - South Dakota, USA, The Ecstasy of Gold
This mission premise is a bit of a piss-take on two popular entertainment products - Westworld and Red Dead Redemption. It’s not meant to totally lampoon them in an insulting way, but more like joining in on the fun, but with the Hitman twist. Elements of the mission will invoke memories of Curtains Down - this is intentional.

Story Synopsis: A Wild West themed resort park in Arizona, United States serves double duty as a front for a human trafficking ring. Hundreds of tourists spend days at the park, unaware of the shady dealings going on behind the scenes. Our client has a vested interest in not only breaking up the operation, but eliminating the three men in charge.

Map Layout: The outer circumference consists of rental cabins and rooms, as well as other modern facilities such as bath houses, laundry, and a TV lounge with WiFi to make the stay more pleasant for visitors who don’t want the full Wild West experience. The inner town area is where the heart of the resort is - an old west town reconstructed to give visitors a taste of what it might have been like to wander dusty streets of a late 1800’s town. Some of the shops and businesses are functional, including a General Store, Leather Shop, Blacksmith, Saloon, Hotel and a theater where scheduled live performances take place. There is also a large portion of open land with hidden “secrets” for visitors to discover such as “buried treasure” and “abandoned mines” (all of which are staged as part of the paid experience). There is also a steam train that makes rounds on a track which weaves in and out of the property.

NPC Routines: There are a couple hundred tourists visiting at any given moment, some only for the day, others are staying in a room or cabin. Some visitors are fully committed to immersion and attempt to remain in character (often poorly), others are just there for the spectacle. There are also a few dozen actors and actresses posing as regular townsfolk dispersed among the visitors, shop keepers, bartenders, lawmen, and bandits. Staged scenes such as bar fights in the Saloon, duels in the streets, hangings, and other events commonly associated with the Wild West occur on a routine schedule. The actors often change costumes to assume different roles as needed. NPC’s are generally not alarmed by gun fire, as this is a common sound in the old west. A gunshot may cause someone to be suspicious, but an alert will not be raised unless they discover something amiss. Sustained gunfire will usually raise an alert.

Weapons: Most of the weapons found here are replicas of original revolvers and rifles, modified with barrel plugs so they can’t fire real bullets, and are equipped with blanks. The Resort owner does has a small private collection of original versions of these guns stashed away in his penthouse. Several of the actors are actually real guards who carry functioning modern pistols hidden in their costumes. The two actor targets also carry hidden real guns.

  1. Magnum- A classic old west double action revolver. It only carries six shots at at time, but each of those shots packs plenty of punch.
  2. Repeater- A lever-action rifle with incredibly accuracy and power.
  3. Double-Barrel Shotgun- No description necessary.
  4. Bolt Action- A high power bolt action rifle with a scope. Great for long range targets.
  5. Snub Nosed- A small, Derringer-like pistol that fires a small caliber round. Concealable and relatively quiet.

Kill Opportunities: Two of your targets, a male and a female, are actors primarily posing as bandits (it helps with their actual criminal activity as nobody is truly suspicious of them, thinking it’s all part of the act), but also assuming other roles from time to time. The third being the Resort’s owner/operator who poses as his own unique character of a wealthy oil man spending his riches in a small western town.

  1. Short Drop, Sudden Stop: The Hanging Scene involves careful use of a discreet body harness to ensure no harm comes to the actor being hanged. 47 can “modify” this harness and arrange events so that one of the targets is hanged for real. Additionally, 47 can pose as the lawman who pulls the level.
  2. Do You Feel Lucky?: The Duel scene involves two actors having a very public sanctioned pistol duel right on main street. The pistols are all loaded with blank rounds and barrel plugs to prevent the possibility of accidental injury or death. If 47 gets his hands on one of these pistols, he can change the ammunition and remove the barrel plug, causing the pistol to fire a real bullet at an actor. Alternatively, 47 can pose as one of the dueling actors and shoot his target right in front of everyone.
  3. You’re No Buster Keaton: Some of the buildings on main street are inaccessible to the public and only exist for appearances. They are basically shells that only appear as full buildings from the outside. 47 can damage some of the support structure one one aging facade in particular, and cause it to fall over onto a target, crushing him beneath its weight.
  4. Our American Cousin: The Resort Owner loves to play up his role as the wealthy oil man. It’s is if he secretly wishes he lived in those days, being pampered by his hired help. One of his favorite activities is to observe a stage show from his private balcony within the theater. If his personal guard and servant can be distracted, 47 can sneak in for some one on one time. Use the Snub Nosed to kill him and unlock a Challenge.
  5. Method Actor: One of the “funny” staged scenes is a miner using TNT to blow up a bandit who is robbing him while a crowd of visitors looks on. You know, for the laughs. The crowd arriving on a tour will distract the bandit, and the miner will shove him into the mouth of the mine and use the plunger to detonate fake TNT which will emit a cloud of dust and a loud boom, insinuating that the bandit has been blown up. 47 can replace the fake TNT with a real explosive, if he either brought one with him or acquired one on sight. Nobody will realize the explosion was lethal at first.
  6. Breath of Fire: One of your targets will fill in for a stunt performer in the stage show if the performer is unable to make his call time. Being the showoff that she is, the target’s favorite routine is “breathing fire” in which she spits a mouthful of flammable liquid onto a torch and emits a massive fireball. 47 can change the dilution ratio of the liquid to make it more potent, causing it to catch fire more quickly and backfire into the target’s face.
  7. I Hate Manure: A parked wagon contains a load of manure (despite the fact that the Horses have been temporarily removed from the park due to a safety violation in the riding corral). When one of the targets enters the Saloon for a drink, 47, posing at the bartender, can spike the drink with an extremely hot pepper. The target will run outside to the horse water trough, conveniently situated just behind the manure wagon. 47 can then pull the lock pin (or shoot it, blow it up with a breaching charge, whatever), causing the wagon to tip back and bury the target in the manure, smothering him to death.
  8. Fed to Forge: The Blacksmith has a massive smelting furnace and routinely demonstrates hand-crafted weapon and tool production to interested crowds. He also, under duress, processes drugs for the organization in the secret basement of the Blacksmith’s shop. If 47 can lure one of his targets into the Blacksmith’s shop when no one else is around, perhaps by sabotaging the drug operation, maybe he can find an opportunity to shove the target into the Furnace where she’ll never be found.
  9. Knot an Act: Another staged scene involves a bandit tying the female target up and leaving her on the railroad tracks, only for her to “miraculously” untie the knots and escape in the last moment before being hit by the train. If 47 poses as the bandit, he can tie a real knot, ensuring that the target can’t escape before it’s too late. A terrible accident.
  10. Apparition of the Auditorium: The Resort lore includes a ghost tale involving the theater, suggesting that it’s haunted. On occasion, during shows or exhibition hours, doors will randomly open or close and objects, such as the massive, ornate Candelabra hanging over the center walkway of the auditorium, will move on their own (as they are mechanically rigged to do). After a tragic stage accident involving Fire Breathing, the Resort owner positions himself directly under the Candelabra to reassure the horrified audience that it’s all part of the act and there is no need to be alarmed. 47 can have the Candelabra rigged to collapse on top of him either by manually releasing the winch or detonated a small explosive charge. The witnesses will be convinced that the Theater truly is haunted and will flee in terror.

I’ll post a mission I came up with that borrows the ideas of other maps that I enjoyed the most. With my mission, I’ll try to push Hitman to the limits while also minding the CPU and GPU of your average player:

Agent 47 doesn’t just take down anyone he wants. Part of the Hitman experience is the targets themselves. They’re not average people, they’re exotic. Hitman, at its core, is puzzle genre. By using public spaces to allow the player to understand the level, private spaces can show the eliminations. Pushing players obnoxiously isn’t how I think most of you don’t want to be played. So the level will showcase some aspects of realistic natures and logic being used.

47 begins in a car show, presented with 2 targets: Evan Magram and his wife Emily Magram. Evan is the founder of the show, while Emily is the eccentric co-owner of a famous car company. Both of them are former Providence members. 47 must also collect some secret files inside a building.

Evan’s movements are walking around the show room, and talking with locals, while Emily’s movements are much more precise, sticking to a building. I consider Evan both a roamer and a dweller.

While Evan will walk around the map 24/7 with a simple pattern, you could disrupt those patterns by calling for all car enthusiasts to go to a special awards show, where you can poison the trophy that Evan gets/Emily gets. There’s more than just that, but I want to make this quick.

The exploration part of the map could create a scenario where you discover a potentially excellent way to eliminate Evan/Emily through just a part of the room.

I think what also makes Hitman great is “nudges”. If you discover one item and a way to put that item to use, you discover that there were a bunch more of that item than you thought. It’s genius how that puts into play because you discover an area just by an item, not even intel or mission stories.

Emily has a fixed pattern. She’s only on the 3rd floor of the building, so you’ll need to get up there somehow. Once up there, you’ll have to find a way to eliminate her. I know this is stealing from The Bank, but you could for example crash the stock of her car company, leaving her in her private office. You could even lure her out of the office. Perhaps you could even apply (I know I’m stealing from The Bank, but it’s a really interesting) for a job at Emily’s company.

There are tons of NPCs with scripted dialogue telling you all of this. Or perhaps you could see the assassinations on the list of challenges.

But here’s what’s excellent: Emily doesn’t win the award. At all. Unless you use some way to get her to win, you’ll have to figure out how to deal with her opponent, Durante Signorini.

And here’s where it gets interesting: Wait times. I think we all know how stressful it is to wait for a target to go somewhere, and not knowing if he’ll screw up and you’ll have to start over again. But you have power to change that, and you can view Evan’s schedule on a clipboard.

Or maybe you want to skip the waiting? Close the business deal with Emily early. Make the awards show early.

That’s everything, except the tough parts.

The Tough Parts

The map is like Miami, separated into two parts. One half represents Evan’s side, and the other is the building that Emily will meet at.

Using “Swiss cheese” holes in the map can optimize the map for console players and low-end-PCs. But it gives the illusion of a large map. By using things like handouts and signs with maps, the player can see where they should go next, just like a real human. The backdoors of Hitman, the holes, all of that, is the Swiss cheese of the map. The map has no dead-ends except toilets, and every room has multiple exits and entrances.

How will disguises work? Even though a lot of people will do Suit Only, I think what matters the most is hiding in plain sight. It makes you feel like an assassin. While the car show idea makes most of the map free to explore, you need things like badges and passes to get to other areas. Security guard areas, there’s even an area where you need to be a guard for one of the Magram family guards. Areas are built on onion outfit layers. To visit the 2nd floor of Emily’s building, you need an employee outfit. For the 3rd, you need a family guard or businessman outfit. You could even pass as yourself, but you’ll have to get a keycard and be frisked constantly. There are subtle items that hint towards being able to kill Emily without any tools at hand. You can distract almost any NPC through things like generators and switches.

Finally, you have to balance the level. Find what’s easy, what’s hard. Since I don’t work for IOI, I can’t do that, but I would know definitely, since I would consider myself a mid-range Hitman player. You can’t give away sight lines too easily, that way Sniper Assassin becomes a challenge. It’s all about luring, not waiting. And Suit Only is interesting, because there will be at least 1 person to figure out SO even if the game is impossible.

That’s my ideal Hitman level. There’s no rule for Hitman levels, but instead there’s different rules to make sure every level isn’t boring once you’ve seen one level.