More ram, less performance

This is a weird thing that happened. I used to have 8 GBs of RAM and 0 pagefile, GTX960 and graphics in the game all at minimum the game ran pretty smooth. With the game running and chrome with 1-2 tabs with the hitmanmaps opened, sometimes the PC ran out of memory and chrome crashed… So I bought 8 GB more RAM. Its same stick, dual channel and now I have 16 GB.

The problem is that since the day I installed that RAM the game doesnt work as smooth as before. Its kinda smooth, but has many more slow downs. I even tried giving 4GB of pagefile in the SSD but nothing… My question is, what happened? Why does it runs worse with more RAM?

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First - you don’t have to have any pagefile if you have more than 8GB RAM.
Pagefile works just as like as RAM but using the resources of HDD/SSD.
No matter how fast your HDD/SSD is, it will always work slower than any RAM.
So if you have more than 8GB RAM - get rid of pagefile completely.

Second - how many RAM is shown in settings?
Are you sure you installed new stick properly?
Are sure it isn’t defective?
Are you sure that while installing new stick you haven’t broken already installed one?
Are both sticks properly installed?

bro see if your new ram stick has same hz frequency as older one if its less than older one than it slows down your older ram stick also

If you just stuck the RAM in you system and starting it up then it’s probably not running at it’s correct times. You will need to go into the BIOS and either use an XMP profile or set your latency, frequency and RAM times manually. If you do that your games will run at the same speed as before and any slow downs you got from running out of RAM will be eliminated.