Morgan, Yates and Cohn (Courthouse Game)


Welcome to the Courthouse


Okay so, in this game, all members (besides the Plaintiff & Defendant) takes on the role of Ken Morgan (The Lawyer)

Then we need two members, one to take on the role of the Plaintiff (who will @ any member of their choosing and “create” a story/ senecio as to why they are “suing” the defendant. ) and whoever is selected (@) that member will become the Defendant and give a counter argument.

After that, the Plaintiff will point out the “flaws” in the Defendants story.

At this point, once some time has pasted and people see the posts by both the plaintiff and defendant. The Plaintiff will create a poll.

At this point, it is up to the “Ken Morgans” (all members) to vote who they think won the case.)

During “The Verdict” (poll) the Plaintiff & Defendant can NOT vote!

“The Verdict” POLL WILL ALWAYS BE MADE TO LOOK LIKE THIS (by the Plaintiff)



  • Plaintiff
  • Defendant
[/ [poll]]

The poll must be made PUBLIC to prove that the Plaintiff & Defendant did not vote for themselves.
After 1 Day (24hours) whoever has the highest percentage of votes wins the case.

Whoever wins the case (Plaintiff or Defendant) that person will tag @ another (different) member to create a new case against them and so on…

Have fun and be creative with your stories. They can literally be about anything. Hitman related topics, HMF related topics, whatever, get creative.


  • @badeaguard and his SilverBaller Replica😜
  • Why Absolution was a better Hitman game (haha)
  • Why Jordan Cross is actually innocent.
  • A story pinned against another member on the Forum (real or made up)
  • Speed running VS Roleplaying. Which is better and why.
  • Defending Joseph Clarence (convince us he was innocent)
  • Defending the Tin Foil Hat guy from Absolution :laughing:
  • Actual events in real life or just totally 100% fictional. Just have fun and be creative


It seems a bit complicated. I understand the idea of having just 12 votes count, but in practice, I’m not sure that really works without having to keep track of voters. I’d just make it a majority and leave it at that.

Honestly, I’d maybe get rid of Ken Morgan entirely so you only have 2 people in each court case rather than 3. Maybe say with the structure of: Plaintiff makes accusation, Defendant rebutts, Plaintiff points out holes in Defendant’s story, people vote on who was better. I think with games like these, the fewer members you have the better.

Not to discourage you or anything, I like the idea, but I think it just needs a bit of simplification.



No, no! Not at all! I appreciate the feedback, I’m totally open to suggestions, as I said before.

Come to think of it, I actually like your idea a lot better. I was hoping we could brainstorm and then once everything seems legit I will edit the OP rules. I had the base idea set in my mind, it just needs a little tweaking.

Anyone else have suggestions? I’d love to hear them.

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Hello, Kenneth.

Stay away from Jordan Cross.

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Okay, I updated the OP. If everyone is satisfied with the rules then we are ready to play!!



I’m too busy to play the game, but I suggest we start with the Joseph Clearance case.