Most hated Complications

Which complications in contracts do you hate the most? For me it’s “Headshots only”. I don’t see the point in that. And of course any “Instant fail”-complications.

I also don’t really like forced exits and time restrictions, but they aren’t the worst.


I remember an escalation with a “no agility” complication. A true pain in the arse, especially when I was on my way to the exit and habitually vaulted a small fence, failing the mission.
I agree about time restraints, though. Super annoying.


Its not that I don’t like specific complications, but I do hate the specific application of some. I hate when a complication is one I forget about until I accidentally fail it


Timer. Timer. Timer. Thousand times timer


I tend to avoid Instant-fail complications and time restrictions like the plague. (I can be fast; I don’t want to be forced to be fast.) And I’m wary of exit restrictions especially on levels with long, involved easter egg exits.

Other than that, I’ll at least consider anything, but if I see any of the restrictions that involve things normally covered by the SA rating (Targets Only, No Recordings, etc.) I assume the contract has been made by either someone who isn’t that experienced or who just likes to add complications without thinking about them. (No Recordings on The Final Test is especially annoying.)


in one of the sapienza escalations at the last one theres friggen mines every where and you need to get the disarm device the mines are even in the ruins!


Oh, if there’s just all possible complications in one contract, I probably won’t play it.


I wouldn’t say I hate any of them (I wish IO would add more tho). But my most disliked are probably ones that are included in SA rating so most players try to avoid anyways, like No Bodies Found or Targets Only, they don’t really add much new to how you’d play the contract

On the other hand, No Pacifications and No Disguise Change are great because they can actually make you play the contract in a whole different way from how you might otherwise. That being said I hate mandatory complications, they’re just not fun for anyone


No one else hates Perfect Shooter?

I hate it when someone includes this complication because it prevents you from doing bullet distractions.

And in general, I hate auto-fail complications. People who want to complete your contract 5 star SA will do so; making auto-fail complications just makes the contract harder to route.

Ex: I got spotted but I would like to keep going just to see if the timing for the next target works out. Some idiotic contract creator: NOPE! Screw you, you have to get the “Mission failed” screen instantly to prevent you from making a plan.


To be clear… Never Spotted and No Bodies Found actually operate under old SA rules.

Ex: You can get spotted by target and kill them, and you will fail the optional “Never Spotted” complication while getting 4 star SA rating.

Ex: Target can find a (non accident) body and you fail the optional “No Bodies Found” complication even if you kill the target right away, getting 4 star SA.

In a way I think it’s worse that these two follow slightly different rules… they confuse new players because they don’t follow current SA rules.

On the other hand they do make it possible to make a “old SA rules” contract, so that may be appealing to some.


That’s very true, I guess they have been made more useful retroactively and I can think of a few niche cases that would make a difference

Still not a huge fan tho :sweat_smile:


Aside from all senseless Instant Fail Complications, I also hate No Pacifications, since if I do screw up in some way, I have to kill anybody, which is almost the same, just with a worse rating. All Shots must hit an NPC is also total Crap, since you can’t shot Cameras or the Recorder that way.

(The only none senseless Instant Fail Complications are in my Opnion, the ones that actually make sense like if a Contract is for Example called “Waiters Revenge”, it makes sense to force me to do it as a Waiter.)


People in featured contracts assume we’re all speedrunners or something when they put that complication.


Yeah that can be an issue. I always try to wait for a minute after I finish the contract so if there is a time limit then it’s not too ridiculous (and let it go to a :00 or :30 cause aesthetics :man_shrugging:)


I hate several complications, but the one I really can’t stand is “Sticky Gun” or whatever it’s called. The one that forces you to have your gun always equipped, even in plain sight, and you cannot unequip it for more than 7 seconds. Like, if you don’t jump down off a edge fast, you can actually fail the mission.

Also, I hate “Hide All Bodies”, expecially if it has a timer, because I usually just leave 'em around but in places where they can’t be found, so I still get SA rating.
This one, instead, forces me to take care of every single one of them, wasting time and making me get nervous.

There’s a special place in Hell for Devs who used these in Escalation contracts.


Fortunately the developers been quite smart so not to shove it in contracts mode

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I wish they would put it in. Even if it would create a lot of bad/annoying contracts, well guess what? We already have those with the current complications we have. At least a few of us could make interesting contracts using Sticky Gun

More complications = more interesting uses of those complications

I hope the reason IO hasn’t released some complications from escalations is because of technical limitations and not because they fear people will make bad contracts

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If it would’ve been there, we might have closed the contracts mode entirely.
It’s just impossible to do a lot of things with gun in your hands


You think they would’ve gotten rid of contracts mode entirely because of bad contracts using a complication poorly?

Yeah, that’s the idea. It places a limitation you have to work around

Edit: here’s the text for the complication

Sticky Pistol: A pistol must be equipped at all times. If a pistol is not equipped, you will have 7 seconds to equip one, or you will fail the mission.

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I’m enough with that damned timer, which people set for 5 seconds.
Hitman is about freedom, not about limitations.
If one person can do a contract within 5 seconds, it doesn’t mean that the whole entity of players could make it