Most Likely Locations and Targets of Season 3

Hitman 3 will probably release around 2020 or the start of 2021 if it takes the same amount of time to make as Hitman 2. But considering they have 2 offices now, I’d say around Fall 2020.

So who do I think are the Targets?

We know that 47 is going after the partners. These include Madam Carlisle. She is a British woman which can be deduced from her accent when speaking to the constant and one of the most powerful people on Earth. A mission with just her is unlikely and will probably include another family member or lawyer. As you could probably guess. This mission will probably take place in England. And if the media is anything to go by, England means London.

Our second person of interest is Carl Ingram. He is one of the partners and has an American Accent. From this we can probably assume another USA based level is on the way. Of course IO can change this and could probably place him in Canada or Mexico. But if they are to make another USA based mission it could be a perfect time to introduce The Pentagon or perhaps an airport. Unlike Madam Carlisle, this location is harder to pinpoint because London seems like a very likely hitman setting and America is very overdone at this point. Expect to see him appear in America with at least one other target.

Thirdly, Marcus Stuyvesant is the third partner. Like the others we can determine from his accent that he is most likely Dutch. Denmark would be a great location for a hitman game. I’m sure IO could fit in a lot of Easter eggs into this mission and it’s probable that they set it in Denmark for this reason alone. Expect at least one more target, possibly his daughter who can be seen in the isle of Sgáil, Cornelia Stuyvesant.

Now that the partners are dealt with, let’s move onto other possible candidates. It is extremely likely that we will see Tren and Jin Po. They are dictators of the country of Khandanyang and have made their people worship them like God’s. IO have made these characters prominent throughout the previous missions so their assassination is most likely imminent. The level will almost certainly be set in Khandanyang.

The Constant surely won’t just get off Scot free right? Well this is a lot less likely than the others, he could reappear in a mission. However, there are no clues to point to where the mission would be set so anything I mention would be purely guesswork. I can imagine the game starts with the constant escaping and you eliminating him akin to the new Zealand level of hitman 2, more like a small tutorial.

Finally, the betrayal of Lucas Grey and Olivia Hall. It is likely because IO would most likely want a fresh pallet for the next hitman story and be able to give this one a conclusive ending. And no, I can’t see it be set in the asylum. Compared to the modern day levels, the asylum would be abandoned and empty leading to it to be more of a disappointment. If an earlier level is not set in the UK, we can assume that this one will be because of Olivia Halls accent. I can imagine this being the finale also.

Things will most certainly change and it is hard to make assumptions based off of accents as to where the level will be set, for example, who would have guessed that Alma Reynard would be killed in New Zealand?


Madam Carlisle - London
Carl Ingram - Somewhere in America
Marcus Stuyvesant - Denmark
Jin and Tren Po - Khandanyang
The Constant - unknown
Lucas Grey and Olivia Hall- unknown

If you have any information please present it and I will update this as need be


So 47 wipes out the providence partners and then kills Olivia and subject 6. What?!


Madam Carlisle: England
Carl Ingram: USA / Canada
Marcus Stuyvesant: Denmark
Arthur Edwards: No Clue
Jin Po, Sun Po, Tren Po: Khandanyang
Aleksander Kovac: Prison

Id also like to see some appearances from groups like Crystal Dawn as targets.

Interesting topic! If I may ask, where did you learn the first names of the Partners? The Constant only told about their last name in the final cutscene, right?

And as for Grey/Hall mission, will there be a possibility that the mission can be set at Berlin, Germany? The cutscene showed 47, Diana and them having a secret meeting at there.

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Very much doubt Marcus Stuyvesand will be killed in Denmark. It will either be The Netherlands or Germany, if I go judging by his accent. (Everyone says he’s Dutch because his surname, but I, a guy from The Netherlands, don’t recognize a Dutch accent in his voice. It sounds more like German.)

I also think the partners will be killed in mission 3, 4 & 5 (out of 6) and Lucas Grey will be the final target. Why you ask? First of all we need to find out where the partners are, which we will find out in the first 2 missions. (Same kind of scenario as Nightcall had). Once we know the locations, we will take them out one by one. I suspect Jin Poo and his son to be a target in the second mission. Jin’s character model is featured in the Miami briefing, they wouldn’t make a full model for only a brief moment in the mission briefing.


Why is the SC the last target? Well, judge me whatever you want but I still think he will double cross 47 and Diana and take all the power once the partners are gone. I suspect him to kill the constant once he finds the opportunity, and leaves a note for 47 to find, so he can lure him to a location to kill him off too. (This ofcourse, goes all sideways).

This is all speculation, but imo this is most likely to happen.

I could see Grey pulling off a Sarajevo Six Controller kind of thing, if he ends up being the final target.

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The credit. That’s also how in Season 1 we know the man in Marrakesh cutsence and talked to Diana in the Hokkaido cutsense is called The Constant.


I really hope we don’t see a Grey/Hall betrayal. Would seem very odd at this point.


i think we’ll see Shanghai as a H3 location :^)

First names were from the hitman Wiki. My theory is that he will kill Lucas grey as part of one of IO’s story Clichés which we have seen quite a few times already


Ingram - US
Carlisle - UK
Stuyvesant - The Netherlands
Constant - Germany

If they must…
Grey - Romania

I’ve a gut feeling that we’re going to kill all three Partners in the same mission. I also hope that Lucas Grey doesn’t betrays 47. It would ruin any chance to create an interesting dynamic between them

My guess is that the Constant is going to be the finally “boss”. He probably felt betrayed when the Partners forced him to inject himself with the kill switch and Sophia’s words about how they’ll always looked down on him because of his middle class origin may have stuck a nerve. It’s also very likely that his mentor Janus created Providence with a very specific goal in mind and that the Partners no longer following that goal. I’m assuming at this point the Constant gave up their names so easily because he wants 47 & Grey to kill the Partners, so that he can take over.

As for the Po Dynasty, I can’t really see how they fit into the current Providence storyline. But it would be odd, to not have them become targets future down the line.

Other possible targets that come to mind are members of the Moreno cartel, which is secretly backed by Providence. Also Byron Washington, the father of Sophia and Zoe.

I also would love to have a flashback mission in the Asylum. A lot of people probably don’t know much about the backstory of 47. A remake of the final mission from first game with Ort-Meyer and Kovacs as targets would be awesome. There could be an opportunity to sabotage Ort-Meyer’s microphone and have him electrocuting himself when he starts his villain monologue.

Unlikely but one can dream, right? :grin:

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That Church of Ascendants guy. He’s been mentioned too much to not have a role.

Also maybe a hit on Blue Seed? Is one of the execs still alive?


I think grunts in NZ says that Blue Seed’s CEO (or other higher up) was one of the five targets the militia killed in the lead-up to H2.


Umm…? Where? I can’t imagine them becoming targets for us again considering we’ve already jumped ship to join their team.

I imagine Grey will definitely die in Hitman 3 (remember ‘The Messenger’ saying “I’ve just killed you”), probably due to some special kind of slow-acting poison that The Messenger’s key was coated in…?

I wouldn’t put money on his death being caused this way though because I’d imagine they’d want somebody that stole the key to die relatively quickly but… eh.

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I don’t see the key being coated in poison and being slow acting. I thik The Messenger was saying Providence will inevitably retaliate. But then again it is a possibility. I would like Grey to struck by a sniper out of the blue after the game is done. Set up the next one and leave providence in the story.

But I agree that Grey is going to die. 47 can’t have a brother/sister/father/mother/second cousin without said relative dying. It is like the Cartwright Curse for clones.


Talking about what that providence guy said, “I just killed you.”, I never understood what he meant. Maybe this will have a deeper meaning further down the line…

Yeah, I’m just trying to understand the line “I just killed you”. It sounded personal. He didn’t say “WE are GOING to kill you”, but, again, he could mean that by simply giving him the key, he’s effectively guaranteed that he’ll be killed by Providence. Eh, whatevs. We’ll see.


Don’t worry dude. You did understand the line. That being The Messenger has killed Grey since Providence will turn their attention onto him.

I just don’t think poisons work that way. To kill via touch based poison (if it is possible) you would need concentrated amount and it would be fast acting.

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I could see the Constant getting put down by a Providence led tac-team in the shipping container, like how Mads gets put down by Mr. White in Casino Royale.

I agree. By obtaining the second key, Grey became a threat to Providence in a way nobody else ever has been.