Most memorable moment in HITMAN 1 & 2

What is your personal favorite moment/kill in HITMAN 1 & 2? Also explain why it’s the most memorable to you.

As a HITMAN developer I can’t really answer this question myself, as everything is pretty much spoiled during production, but I would love to hear your answers :slight_smile:


Damn, an actual IO developer. Hi

My favourite kill is probably shooting Caruso through the telescope. It feels so satisfying to set it all up and get to pull the trigger at just the right time

Also any kills that play a cinematic I like (like the iron maiden in Sgail) especially if the animation plays for anyone, not just targets. Pushing guards into the iron maiden is always satisfying


HITMAN 1: I think killing Jordan Cross luring him into his room with the Highmore murder tape.

HITMAN 2: Either the runaway train kill in Mumbai or any time Dawood talks or does something.


Spending 4 straight hours just walking around Paris for the first time, exploring the map and trying to identify useful items/kill opportunities (I ended up just blowing Novikov up with a gas lamp anyway lol). Favourite Hitman map ever


Most memorable moment is in Sapienza when you play the tape and Caruso reflects about his past and favorite kill is the one where 47 shows himself to Soders in Hokkaido.


Hard to pick one or two.
I think I would name double-Knox kills in Miami.

But I think I prefer non-scripted unique kills better.
Let’s say those where you can circle a target with propane flasks and detonate them and make the target really dissapear.
Or those @Urben doing for Elusive Targets. Creative, crazy and funny


I’d say the most memorable moment in the first game is when you first step into Sapienza and trying to figure out how to tackle all three objectives in a map that big, exploring all opportunities and trying to get the Silent Assassin rating in one go.

On Hitman 2, I’d say Haven Island no doubt. It’s a map I immediately fell in love with because of the sudden change of scenery, with interesting characters and a curious backstory that awakened my creativity in more than one way.


My absolute favorite Moment was the Cutscene in HITMAN 2016 where you throw Soders heart in a trashbin, but in the Legacy Pack you Guys altered the Camera, so you dont see the heart hitting the bin anymore, you just hear it and than it cuts to the bloody bin.

So yeah, my most memorable Moment in HITMAN was undone in HITMAN 2😢

@Torbjorn_IOI i would like to know the reason why that was changed to the worse.

Anyways, my favorite HITMAN 2 Moment was that we had kind of a Jungle Mission again, after almost 20 Years. Thanks again :grin:


Stepping into Paris for the first time is completely unforgettable, probably my favorite memory in a video game.

I loved every moment of Paris when I first played it, and I still believe that Paris is the greatest masterpiece of IO, undoubtedly, and possibly my favorite level in a video game. I wish I could go back in time to before I played Paris just so I can relive that moment. I have a similar affinity for Sapienza, though not quite as strong as Paris.

Being very honest, I have not had a moment like that in Hitman 2, while still a great game all around, I never found a Paris or a Sapienza experience in H2 like I did in Season 1.

The main reason being that Paris is a very well designed level that is incredibly straightforward and flexible without being too simple or too overwhelming. I never felt like I was doing busywork or chores like I feel in Whittleton or Mumbai.

Really hoping to have a Paris experience in H3. Thank you guys at IO for all you do. Even though I complain too much, I do appreciate your guys work a lot. :heart:


I can’t think of one single favourite moment, but what really sticks with me is exploring any map for the first time.
I still remember getting completely engrossed in maps like Paris, Sapienza, Hokkaido and more recently Miami, Mumbai, New York and New Haven. Also, props for the ambience in New Zealand, that intro had me giddy with excitement.
Discovery is a huge draw for me in the Hitman franchise, whether it be new paths, hidden outfits or finally planning the perfect SASO run.
I will say that enjoyed the kills by proxy (eg. Jordan cross pushing Ken Morgan out of the window and helping out the Kashmerian)
Something about the nature of set and forget kill methods.

Also I’m a big fan of the Sniper Assassin mode, I know it’s been a bit divisive on these forums but I’ve enjoyed that gameplay loop ever since the Chicago pre-order mission on Absolution.
I really enjoy sniping in the main missions, searching for clean lines of sight and long shots so the dedicated sniper mode is a big yes from me.
If possible, could we get a wider range of scope reticles? I know it’s not a priority, but I do enjoy options.

This is already much longer than I anticipated but I’d just like to say a big thank you to all of the developers at IOI, I’ve been a huge fan of Hitman ever since I played a demo disc in a magazine for Silent Assassin on the original Xbox (a friend and I played that first mission countless times)

I’ve played every game since and I own both Hitman 1 & 2 on the PS4 and Xbox One, it is my favourite gaming franchise by far and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in the future.

I appreciate all the creativity, passion and hard work that goes into these games, consider me a fan for life :+1:


This part:

The best thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire Hitman carreer :weary: :heart_eyes:


From HITMAN, I’d say Eric Soders.
He is related to ICA and Providence, he is the only target so far, that isn’t moving, also he can be killed without using anything but a usb key. Therefore my favourite kill is, when the surgeon learns the truth about his father’s death and gets his revenge.

From HITMAN 2, I’d choose Janus, because he has many secrets. My favourite killing is, when 47 poses as a nurse and start to run out of time, before his disguise is blown.
Plus, there is the question if Janus realized, that who the nurse really was. (He mentions that he resembles to a boy from his past.)


Mumbai. Mumbai. Mumbai.
I hated this map to death. It was crowded dirty, kind of ugly, I thought the maelstrom was annoying, etc.
But then over time I started to see the genius of it. Every target can interact with another. The in-mission story is deep and immersive. There’s dozens of ways for each target. There’s tons of back alleys, ladders, secret passages, Easter eggs, you name it. Every building has multiple methods of entry. Every target had a long route with plenty of kill opportunities and plenty of ways to divert it in your favor. Each target has great personality. Every NPC has a great accent that fits the location. The graphics and feel and atmosphere are perfectly done for a dirty Mumbai slum, and I love the sharp contrast between the Rangan tower and the tight alleyways. The music perfectly compliments the atmosphere as well. Plenty of great and unique NPC’s each with their own engaging side story. There’s nothing in this map that is just there. It all has its own purpose.
Hokkaido is definitely second but Mumbai is just the pinnacle of the reboot series.


Playing Paris for the first time. It’s still by far the best map IO has ever created, such a masterpiece.

Sincerely hope that HITMAN 3 will have a map that can equal it, sadly HITMAN 2 just couldn’t.


Mumbai in its eternity


Killing Marco Abbiati by pushing him off the church tower impaling him on that spike definitely impressed me…most memorable is certainly me playing Paris for the first time (got GOTY in November 2018, yeah I was late to the Hitman franchise lol) and dieing 10secs after running into a trespassing zone and not understanding the meaning of trespassing in this game (= 47 is gonna get gunned down wutface) :joy:

But I’m glad I didn’t give up on the game (after dieing another dozen times lol) :partying_face:


But there so many!This is why I will say one for each location:
Paris:Velocity kil
Eliminating both targets this way was really brutal awesome!I also loved watching the fireworks which also offered @KevinRudd to create a contract at @TheContractor 's suggestion.
Sapienza:Chimney kills
I love about them that they apply to other NPCs too and determined @TheContractor to create a contract.
Landslide:Church impalation
The icon:Monster teeth
The author:Pen
Marrakesh:Turret kill
Brutal Super cool eliminating so many people at once.
Marrakesh at night(AHBOS):Crystal ball kill(:heart: the kills similar to pen kills)
Bangkok:Cross pushing Morgan
The source:Oybek with fire
Colorado:Explosive watch(really loved the cinematic)
The vector:fire double kil
This is in my opinion the most brutal kill in HITMAN.
Patient zero:double fire kill
Hawkes Bay:Easter egg kill or pillow kill
Miami:Anything related to eliminating Sierra in the car or stopping the race(this helped me create my featured contract)-including Sierra burning in the game.
Colombia:Hippo kill
Mumbai:Train kill
WC:Basement kill
I.of Sgail:Effigy kill-you should see @CHAOS_AGENT_45 's run on “The story of trick or treat”- iron maiden(they both apply for other NPCs)
NY:Pushing through clock
Haven:Double drowning
I hace not played the special assignments too much and I think the only cool kill is in WC with the pen.
I forgot the sniper maps.
Himmelstein:Cannon kill
Singapore:Cannon(I love cannons)
Siberia:Making others kill your targets(Prisoners beating guards,setting buildings on fire,making one target kill the other)
This sniper map is unforgettable!

I have seen that a lot of players said that Paris was amazing and no map can be compared to it.This is because you can’t forget the first map in the newest triology.I started for example with Sapienza and I had the same feeling,but when I played in Paris it wasn’t the same.The same with the sniper maps.Himmelstein was so cool,but even though I liked the others too,the feeling was not the same and just think about how awesome is Siberia.


My most memorable moment was the first time I played Paris. I was wandering around aimlessly, no clue what I was doing. Somehow I made it onto the walkway above the stage relatively quietly. Next thing I know, Novikov is on stage giving his speech so, being a little frustrated and a little overwhelmed, I figured, “What the hell” and shot him in the head. I didn’t know the Speechless challenge was a thing until it popped up. I was hooked.

My favorite scripted kill is probably pushing Athena out of the clock in New York. As soon as I saw that panel light up in instinct from the ground floor, I knew how I wanted to kill her.


I like all the Hitman2016 and Hitman2 locations …

but I am also in agreement with those that believe that Paris is by far the most memorable setting.

It has so many distinct, appropriateness and immersive areas that have both a utility and elegance.

The whole map has a warm feel. The art and sound design in each area is well done.

Climbable entrances on all four sides of the building.

Open terraces and windows. Great sniper locations.

Background panorama of Paris at night is incredible.

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Thanks for all the replies guys :slight_smile: