Most Overrated Target


Which target do you believe to be overhyped by the fan base? I want to see your opinions.


Meat King. Dude never goes anywhere andall he does is eat. :face_vomiting:


Lol, that’s true, though. I guess people are obsessed with how the level is kind of dark, but the target himself is crap.


I would say Dawood Rangan, but he’s actually the best target in the game


Most of the women targets honestly, aside from the ones that I like of course.


I personally don’t care for him too much, but he’s not the MOST overrated. Plus, you have your opinion.


That’s my favourite Hitman level ever, but yeah you raise a fair point.


Do you mean targets specifically or the levels where you assassinate them? I’d say Anathema from H2:SA is the most overrated mission in the series, most of it is just cover-based stealth and the disguises are almost useless. Also it’s the first mission to introduce the mechanic of smuggling weapons but there’s basically no reason to use it.


I meant like the targets themselves, since some targets are loved way too much by the fan base.


Oh, fair. I guess the Meat King and Lord Beldingford are kind of overrated. I love these missions but the targets just feel like cartoonish over-the-top bad guys.


I have to disagree on the Meat King. After seeing what he and his brother did to the girl, I thoroughly enjoyed killing both of them, even though the brother wasn’t even a target. I think the fact that the Meat King just sits there and eats shows what a truly disgusting individual he is.


Dawood Rangan.

This text will be blurred


Lee Hong was a generic and drawn out target. The fact almost half of Contracts was hunting him was disappointing, even tho I do like the Seafood massacre.


The opera singer sucks


Probably The Washington’s in Isle of sgail


I personally think Alma is ok. Nothing amazing though.


Alma’s voice alone gives me a chubby so WATCH YOUR MOUTH.


Yeah… Alma is overrated.

And ugly lmao


I cannot state how much I love the level design of anathema tbh. Just having a level where you have a view of everything to begin with and then have to infiltrate feels super cool.

When it comes to targets being overrated, I think the Maelstrom is up there for me.


True, I love the design of that map and the fact that you can scout ahead before infiltrating the mansion. My main issue is that the infiltration consists mostly of sneaking around and avoiding detection, which is not the game’s strongest aspect. IMO it also doesn’t make for a good first mission because of that - compare it to the very next level where disguises are far more powerful and are your main way of getting around.

He’s a way more interesting target in the original game, i’d say. I wrote a post about it a long time ago :smile: