Most Overrated Target


How fucking dare you.


These fucking people having opinions, right!? How dare they!

Her voice is also cringy


Rangan, bc i find that kind of caricature just… tired, common, and too basic, like something out of Simpsons, not Hitman.

Then, dunno, where he stands with the fandom, but Ezra, bc he bores the fuck out of me and i strongly dislike his stupid mumbly voice.


Then you should see a clip of Pablo Ochoa doing his thing then. Even his backstory has been done a million times but Dawood is the second pirate accountant mobster in the history of the world (probably)


I’m talking only about targets from H2016 and H2, i won’t count targets from games before, because the vibe and tone is so different, so that would be all over the place in context.


Well my vote for most overrated is Mr Strandberg. He is also a flat stereotype to me even more so than Rangan.

But I am also not gonna lie you seem really unfazed by the fact I called Rangan the SECOND pirate accountant in the history of the gaming (probably).


Is the backdrop to your ‘A’ a different colour? I didn’t recognise you for a moment.


Yep had to change it for a bet. After St Patrick’s I am either reverting pack or changing it to Kim Jong-Il Riding a rollercoaster with his entertainment ministry.


That’s one Hell of a bet. The slight difference being enough to throw me off is like Superman putting his glasses on to be unrecognisable.

On the topic of overrated targets, I’ve found pretty much most of the 2016 and 2018 to be boring (there are a couple of exceptions). If, when describing them, I have to go “That one who’s in that house with the…y’know, her” then they’re already not memorable. But it doesn’t help when Diana’s briefing makes them out to be some bad ass super-dangerous criminal, then in gameplay it’s just a toss coin, a ‘What was that?’ and a gentle nudge off a balcony.

On average, I’d say the old targets that were overrated were the ones that lacked dialogue or even movement, and we were forced to use our imagination (which was part of the fun). With the new targets, I’d say the overrated…ness stems from cliché backstories and cheesy characterisation. In the old games, we had too little, in the new ones, too much.


Ezra Berg is a huge disappointment, for a character that’s supposedly a specialist in torture and drugs, there’s very little you can do to him, beyond stealing the psychotropics to kill Sean Rose (who has way more interesting kill options than the other 3 characters combined). It also bugs me so much that there’s no opportunity or anything that involves you taking his clothes to get near anyone else. He wears a bloody MASK for god sake; how on earth does that not work to 47’s advantage, it’s a lot more convenient than a white guy pretending to be a well known Mumbai barber or tailor.


Completely agree, I love the look and character of Ezra but he was a criminally missed opportunity. All he does is go from the shed to smoking by the mower then to the basement.


I’m sorry you had to endure all that free champagne and cello music, Orson. What can I say; you really took one for the team.


Ezra has hair


And wears a hood (2020)


Oh, yeah, good point


Correct me if I am wrong but Berg doesn’t wear a hooded jacket he just wore a high collared jacket.


As does Mr Salvatore brauvomo from the landslide dlc and the hospital director from hokkaido ! Was funny af seeing 47 Don a nappy wig :joy:


But on topic , Penelope Graves takes the cake… worst target every created I say.


I suppose the difference between those two is them wearing a wig makes sense. They’re both ageing public figures who want to look as good as possible in front of others, whereas Berg is an (assumedly) young-ish interrogator for a private militia with no individual public presence to accommodate for


Pablo Ochoa

Fuckin’ Scarface ripoff