Most Overrated Target



Silvio Caruso is the worst, stuttering mothers boy.


At least he doesn’t get high on his own supply. Pablo is a horrible drug dealer, but I guess they really did rip everything off from Scarface


its a Hommage, not a rip off. Franz Fuchs was a reallife rightwinged Terrorist, hes way worse.




My take is on only the targets and not the levels themselves…
The King of Chinatown was supposedly a low level underworld boss in Chicago but he turned out to be just a guy who yelled a lot and craved his next line of blow. He had some dialogue on his telephone but it could have been better.
The mob boss from the BM rehab level was underwhelming bc of the random chance. Essentially all 3 possibles were about the same level of interesting and none of them were that interesting. If each had been more exciting that would have been fine or if the random one was given a modified route that would include some extra dialogue or something. The game mechanic of Chance was great, but it has the side effect of lessening the cool factor of the main target. Especially when Dianna says “2 low level targets just came in…” it makes the main seem pretty low level too.
Ezra Berg for reasons stated by others. He should have been a bit more interesting.


I always found it odd that he was described as the Delgado cartel’s biggest buyer, even though he seemed to be some small-time punk.


I didn’t know they called him that! Why does he have to buy from Snowman then? LOL


That’s a good point. Maybe he’s too lazy to walk to the warehouse!


Maybe he bought the drugs from Delgado but snowman is the courier?


Maybe it is just a cheap reference?

Sorry if this comes across as mean


Alas, there are a lot of these in the last three games.


Yeah but these references are (for the most part) actually used within a context that is accurate and organic. They name dropped Delgado in Abs. because they went “Hey remember Blood Money, we referenced the thing you like even though it makes no sense. Aren’t we clever?”

There is nothing wrong with past references since 2016 and 2018 is based around 47’s actions impacting the world and his lack of accountability.


Delgado’s cartel are the ones to make the coke, but they still need distributors, dealers etc. to sell their product. Still, you’ve got to wonder how they still exist considering 47 killed their boss and presumably his only son.


What? The Delgado family were in the current game. Manuel had a nephew who took over and painstakingly rebuilt the cartel from the ground up with what little contacts that were left over.


Oh, fair enough. I haven’t played the newer games yet so I didn’t know that.


Oh odd I though a majority of us have. Oh well hope you have fun with the new ones.


Thanks! I definitely will, once I get anything that can run them :sweat_smile:


You’ll like it. Go start a savings pool for it.


Even though I like Hawke’s Bay, I’ll say Alma’s overrated.

I’ll throw in the Washington twins in there too.


Dawood “Orangutan” Rangan