Most Replayable Mission?

Note: This includes all hitman games, I just didn’t know what category to put this under.
My vote is a tie between Nightcall—Hawkes Bay—Hitman 2 and Chasing a Ghost—Mumbai—Hitman 2z
Nightcall has so much experimentation you can do in it. You can set up almost anything you want in the empty house and trigger the arrival of everyone with a press of a button. One of my favorite things that I’ve done was put numerous proximity charges where the target and her guards spawn and just hear the endless explosions. Chasing a Ghost in the other hand is the mission that I feel has the most going on. There’s so many things you can do with this map it’s insane. One time I had the Kashmirian kill the two targets and had him carry a bomb and blew it up during his meeting with the third target.
What are your guys’ most replayable maps?

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Hm… A New Life. Still haven’t beaten 45 sec record by Mendietinha. At least reached this limit a few times.

Absolution Tutorial.

You can do it stealth
You can do it suit only
You can kill everyone

Diana in the shower increases replayability 200% :smirk:


Haha I love it. Yeah it’s pretty odd how the best mission in the game is the first one.

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I dislike it because the only way to do it Suit Only & No Knock Outs requires helluva waiting. And also the very fact you have to get keycard from non-target, but knockouts decrease your rating…

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Mumbai has a bunch of ways to complete it and discovering the enviroment is really fun too all the parkour etc


Chasing a Ghost, definitely. the mission and map has so much going on.


Hitman SA: Anathema. It’s an old Mans Sapienza, Kids.



It’s a tie between Miami and Mumbai.



Freeform Training

Post must be at least 88mph to see some serious shit.


Sapienza has a lot too especially since a lot of good contracts can be created there

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Controversial opinion- Paris is the best map

It was a close tie with Miami but this comes out on top. I love the atmosphere, the music but most of all the replayability. There are so many ways to take out your targets here. Contracts mode runs wild and escalations were mostly good. I just hope they come back to Paris for some challenge packs or something because it’s so damn good!


The Showstopper


Yeah Miami is pretty damn good too in this category. There’s something so damn cool about the differences between the events of the race and what takes place after. Hokkaido is easily my favorite of season one but even then it only ranks #4 on my list, past that it’s all hitman 2 maps.
3. Miami
2. Sgail

  1. Mumbai

If you want a controversial opinion Bangkok is the worst and Sgail is the second best. That’s mine anyways

Marrakesh from the current era, King of Chinatown from Absolution, House of Cards from Blood Money, Meat King’s Party from Contracts, and the first two just kinda blend together in my mind.

I still feel like there are a few things to do in World of Tomorrow. That mission feels like it is set in the middle of a huge sandbox, and all around it there are so many things to make it collide with.

But yeah I bet in some time Miami or Mumbai come down to that too.

H2 SA- Anathema definitely, I only just realised the other day the inspiration of the flower boy in Sapienza lol. Seriously though this level is quite simple but nice and open ended, plus I love the car exit you can do.

Hitman Contracts- Beldingford Manor, not the most replayable in the game but defo the one with the most signature kills.

Blood Money- House of Cards, really fun and vast level which a nice set of fun ways to play with the targets.

H2016+2- World of Tomorrow, no explaining needed. I only wish that this level used the Church and Clock Tower a bit more effectively but other than that it is absolutely huge.

Curtains down. Hitman BM

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Miami is not my favourite mission, but still a damn replayable one. The same goes for Showstopper.
Chasing a Ghost is one I love, still very replayable, but not as much as Miami. The first time playing Mumbai was just overwhelming. WC is pretty fun, as is A New Life. I find House of Cards pretty replayable. Probably the only things I am missing is Sapi, Sgail, and A Dance with the Devil. Currently playing through C47 so I’ll see if there is anything from that oldie.