Most useful shortcuts poll

  • Dubai-Penthouse Terrace Ladder
  • Dubai-Ventilation Area Ladded
  • Dubai-Atrium Lobby Door
  • Dubai-Helipad Ladder
  • Dartmoor-Balcony Ladder
  • Dartmoor-Maintenance Ladder
  • Berlin-Entrance Backdoor
  • Berlin-Biker Basement Door
  • Berlin-Skylight Ladder
  • Chongqing-Inner Courtyard
  • Chongqing-Facility Elevator Door
  • Chongqing-The Block Ladder
  • Mendoza-Backdoor
  • Mendoza-Maintenance Door
  • Mendoza-Cellar Door
  • Romania-Passenger Car Door
  • Romania-Container Door
  • Ambrose Island-Pirate Outhouse
  • Ambrose Island-Colonial Ruins

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I’m gonna be honest and say I am not a huge fan of the shortcuts in Hitman 3. The Berlin front entrance one makes it way too easy to get inside


Shortcuts are too much overpowered.

And they would’ve been less overpowered if they weren’t permanent but were being reset for every next mission launch


I’m going to say Mendoza - backdoor. Makes Suit-Only runs easier with the Requiem Suit as it gives access to an easy exit.


I actually did like the shortcuts for the most part. Maybe they would have just been locked doors in the past but I do think they still work for the level design…except the Berlin entrance backdoor. That one sucks and shouldn’t be there. Makes infiltrating the club less interesting.

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The Dartmoor balcony ladder is the only one I use with any regularity.


I voted for these three shortcuts, because they are the ones I use the most:

  • Berlin-Entrance Backdoor

  • Mendoza-Backdoor

  • Dartmoor-Balcony Ladder

I personally like all the shortcuts in the game except the Berlin-Entrance Backdoor, from both a game design perspective and an in-universe logic perspective, it makes no sense why that door would be opened at all times. It makes getting into the club in Berlin too easy, and I’d even call the shortcut “OP”. It would be better from an in-universe perspective and game design perspective if either the door was always locked and you had to find the key from an employee/lockpick it/crowbar it everytime you play the level, or there were guards watching the door that are enforcers to everyone/every suit except staff and bikers. It makes no sense that someone that isn’t staff/a guard can sneak into an always open door while no guards are watching that door.

Off topic, but part of me wishes that IF we ever get a Bonus Mission for Berlin (I specifically want a snow based Bonus Mission), IOI would fix that “overpowered shortcut” issue for the Bonus Mission by adding those guards I mentioned in the last paragraph. They don’t need to remove access to it like they did the ladder in Dartmoor Garden Show, just add a guard or two watching the door.q

Back on topic, the two Romania shortcuts are honorable mentions for me because they helped me speed through Carpathian Mountains when I went back to the map to unlock the Goldballer back when that came out.

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