Most Useless Disguise on Each Mission


I have had a look and I don’t think this has been brought up yet. What do you reckon are the most useless disguises on each mission in Hitman 2016. This includes the Season 1 Campaign, Patient Zero and Bonus Missions (let’s avoid escalations, ET’s and Contracts mode shall we).

Firstly a few rules/guidelines:
-Exclude Joke/Not super necessary disguises such as the Scarecrow, Bohemian or Vampire Magician.
-Factor in the difficulty to obtain and utility of the disguise itself
-May be useless simply because it is made redundant by other disguises

For example:

Has anyone ever on Hokkaido though ‘Damn, I wish I had a Groundskeeper disguise right now!’

Thanks guys (and I really hope this post has not been done yet, I have really had a look)


maybe the bodyguards in sapienza, can’t really remember what they were used for


aren’t they supposed to double as the town cops.

So in case you start going crazy in public the mansion guards don’t have to come all the way out to deal with you.


they work as police, but as a DISGUISE they are pretty rubbish


For me:

  • Paris - Tech crew (Sure it is a good way to get upstairs ohhh sure…but now then everyone is suspicous of you and when you have a perfect auctioneer/bodyguard disguise 50m. away from you.)
  • Sapienza - Gardener/Church staff (1st of all…Gardener - EVERYONE ON THE MANSION GARDENS KNOWS WHO YOU ARE…not only that but it it is probably the most difficult disguise to get in Sapienza and it does not help at all. 2nd Church staff, why? Why do you need to go to the church when the mension is there?)
  • Marrakesh - Food Vendor (Can you infiltrate the areas of your targets while being a vendor, can you?
  • Bangkok - security (Kinda useless since even the hotel staff can go to more places than these—let that sink in)
  • Colorado - Hacker (apart from the obvious advantage of getting the printer alone…while nobody is looking at it even if you aren’t a hacker…NOT ONLY THAT BUT YOU CAN’T TURN EVERYWHERE EVERY ONE IS AN ENFORCER.
  • Hokkaido - Groundskeeper (As you said wtf)


actually the bangkok security is good for carrying snipers 'n shit


paris; chef disguise. it’s same with palace staff, so useless
sapienza; store clerk
marrakesh; normal soldier
bangkok; waiter
colorado;normal soldier
hokkaido; patient


My list would be:
Paris: Stylist
Sapienza: Store Clerk
Marrakesh: Definitely Shopkeeper
Bangkok: Groundskeeper
Colorado: Militia Soldier
Hokkaido: Patient


colorado is probably the scarecrow


It doesn’t count, read the original post.


sorry sorry sorry sorry

20 apologies


@pisicino that is true, atleast you can carry illegal things…otherwise its probably Abel de silva onl for one SINGLE OPPURTUNITY


Why do you think De Silva’s outfit is the worst disguise in the whole mission? It’s actually one of the best in my opinion.


Well honestly it looks amazingly awesome badas* I have to say but for me it is kinda useless since it is used for only one oppurtunity and that is preety much it…I still respect your opinion and it is very cool


Paris: vampire magichian
Sapienza: street performer
Marrakesh: food vendor
Bangkok: stalker
Colorado: hacker
Hokkaido: motorcyclist

Mostly the weird, unique ones. They are cool for sure, but not that usefull for the mission itself.


Colorado: Suit

Prove me wrong :sunglasses:


you are actually right, dunno how I didn’t think about it


Probably the preist disguise from Sapienza. The whole church isn’t really used too much other than the usb stick you can get from the scientist.


Let me get my Colorado SO playlist for you. lol

I don’t understand how anyone can say the hacker or the other regular guard disguise other than the scarecrow disguise is useless. They give you access to the compound. That alone makes it very useful. Of course there are ones that are better but that doesn’t render it “useless”. Ever disguise in Colorado has boundaries but most of all, purpose (compound access).

That’s it, I’m making a regular guard disguise contract.


Thought’s on the Militia Cook disguise? Pretty much the regular soldier but significantly harder to obtain.