Most Useless Disguise on Each Mission


It’s gotta be the novelty disguises, surely. Vampire magician, Hippie, etc.


Most Valuable: The Sheikh
Least Valuable: Chef (redundant to the waiter in almost all cases plus the Waiter is used for an actual Opportunity)

Most Valuable: Hazmat Suit
Least Valuable: Priest (as far as World of Tomorrow goes, totally useless)

Most Valuable: Militia Soldier
Least Valuable: Intern

Most Valuable: Hotel Staff
Least Valuable: Jordan Cross Bodyguard (you can easily end up in the more powerful The Class crew member disguises to be in proper range to acquire a JC Bodyguard disguise)

Most Valuable: Debatable since permissions and availability are evenly spread out. Maybe Pointman due to almost no enforcers being available against it.
Least Valuable: Regular Militia guards (lowest permissions available)

Most Valuable: Hospital Director, closely followed by Helicopter Pilot
Least Valuable: Gardener

Honorable Mentions for “Totally Useless”:
Vampire Magician (Paris)
Hippie (Sapienza)
Fortune Teller (Marrakesh)
Stalker (Bangkok)
Motorcyclist (Hokkaido)

Note: Scarecrow at least has superpowers to ignite NPC’s for Accident Kills.


Here’s my two pence

Paris - technical worker (can’t remember the name exactly) - most other disguises one up it

Sapienza - bicycle rider (or something) - virtually impossible to get and does nothing!

Marrakesh - food vendor - again, impossible to get, and als- SNAIL SOUP!!! GET YOUR SNAIL SOUP!!!

Bangkok - pest exterminator - apart from the one opportunity, he’s useless

Colorado - scarecrow - not even an opportunity…

Hokkaido - grounds keeper - I’m not gonna argue there


lol. What? It’s so easy. Just bump the guy talking to him to end the conversation early, let both of them get up. Cyclist goes to bench. Subdue him and take Disguise. How is that virtually impossible?

The does nothing part is so true, though.


Guess I never put much effort into getting it :sweat_smile:


true priest is also worthless


lol exactly
that is a great list


Ooh actually for Marrakesh, I’ve just remembered a disguise so useless no-one has even really remembered it. Food vendors a trash but thoughts on the ‘Handyman’ disguise. Has anyone found a viable reason to start off undercover ont he West Bazaar Rooftop?


Get wrench beside you (pretty much), start leaking oil on all motorbikes, have a field day with explosions. Lol.


Very good point, it does have some use.


Maybe You mean tech crew? In this case, i disagree. The tech crew is actually a great disguise. It gets access to a large part of the map, especially on 2nd floor (where the palace staff is forbidden), it gets very low presence of enforcers especially inside the palace, and also the starting point related to this disguise is definetly almoust op ,especially during escalations and contracts. The only civilian disguise above it is the auction staff.

The most useless disguises on paris for me are the chef and the stylist ones.


If I remember correctly, I think that outfit lets you tamper with things such as phone boxes.


Good points, I’d forgotten about the stylist


Yep. And you must consider that the tech crew is above it and the palace stuff. Sure there is an opportunity related to it (prepare and poisoning Novikov favorite drink), but you also get a large number of enforcers with palace staff, while you are almoust totally safe in tech suit on the major part of the paris map. The only disguises powerful than it are the auction staff (that let you go on 3rd floor and no one will be suspicios on you, and you can also poison drinks on plain sight) and the sheik one (that is op).


Just a thought though… These maps are all definitely designed with contracts mode in mind. The cyclist for example in Sapienza with his little routine was meant to be used as a mini-story of its own.

Or how about those Contracts with puzzles like “Melee Kill Red Plumber while wearing Green Plumber disguise and Melee Kill Green Plumber while wearing Red Plumber disguise”.

So all these “useless” contracts have a use in the larger game, just not in the actual Campaign missions. :slight_smile:


Oh no doubt. That’s why I was cautious in excluding contracts and stuff from the list. And I love the disguises like Bohemian and the Plumbers for Contracts Mode, but you have a look at something like the ‘Bodyguard’ from Sapienza and it sort of adds to the immersion of the map but serves no real purpose in the grand scheme of things. Same as the Chef’s outfit in Paris or the Food Vendor in Marrakesh


Isn’t Elite Soldier much better? Easy to get and you can actually go to the school.


I think that may have been what he meant since ‘Militia Soldier’ is a Colorado disguise. I’d actually vouch for the Elite Officer outfit as the Elite Soldier has quite a few enforcers and a somewhat restricted access in comparison. Plus the bonus of dismissing soldiers is super helpful


Well there are normal soldiers in Marrakesh too. :smiley: And yeah, the officer is really nice but harder to get.


Yeah I meant the Elite Soldier…the one with the green beret.

The Officer disguise is a liability in the Embassy building. The Elite Soldier is more useful in that regard.