Most Useless Disguise on Each Mission


In terms of Bangkok, the Groundskeeper, JC’s Bodyguards’, Exterminator and Waiter have all made an appearance.

I would so back Morgan’s bodyguard as the most useless, as he has little to no access anywhere, is detected by Morgan himself and isn’t even able to return to Morgan’s suite if exiting after the ‘On the House’ opportunity.

So I’d probably go:
Paris- Chef
Sapienza- Store Clerk
Marrakesh- Intern (screw that guy)
Bangkok- Morgan’s Bodyguard
Colorado- Militia Cook
Hokkaido- Patient (actually had my mind changed from Groundskeeper)



How did they know where you were shooting from?


That’s a mechanic of the game. Guards on alert will run to your exact location.


whaat… officer disguise has no enforcers in the consulate unlike Elite Soldier.


Don’t forget about the normal soldiers (The ones on the streets) They can’t go to the upper floor but they have no enforcers on the 1st floor :slight_smile:


Not to mention being able to break the electric plugs without suspicion with a screwdriver. I agree that the chef is easily the most useless disguise in Paris. Every chef is a enforcer of that disguise, and you can just use the regular palace staff disguise to have less enforcers and still have poison capability.


Hmmm… maybe I mixed it up…


Also: Chef’s are trespassing in the preparation room behind the bar, where Palace Staff isn’t. So The Chef also has more restrictions.


It’s been some time, but given Hitman 2 is out, I thought about doing this for the new missions.

New Zealand: What a croc, there is only one disguise.

Miami: I feel like an assortment of obscure mechanic/driver outfits fits in here (e.g AEON driver or Soterano mechanic). Especially ones where there is only one on the level and they are in a very public location.

Santa Fortuna: Gardener by a mile. Didn’t realise this was a thing until I needed one more for the chameleon challenge. Then I forgot about it again. Hard to obtain, and there are sooo many better disguises to choose from.

Mumbai: Is there any use to the Holy Man? If so, I haven’t found it. Still looks cool though.

Whittleton Creek: It would have been the robe if it did not look so damn fine. I feel like the politician’s assistant is an overall inapplicable disguise, and I’ll go with that here.

Sgail: This one is actually tough. Excluding the obvious joke disguises (Knight Armour), I would probably go with the lowest tier of waiters. There are no real shockers on this level.


Not true the robe is a clue for the mission ergo it is not useless and rightfully the politician is a useless disguise.


The Entertainer! Unless you consider it as a joke disguise.


All disguises are most useless. #SuitOnlyBaby😄


The Entertainer is actually pretty good. Same access as the Ark member but fewer enforcers and there’s a spare outfit lying around that’s pretty easy to get if you start with a lockpick.

Anyways here are my picks:

The Finish Line:

Street Musician would be my first choice. No difference between that disguise and the suit.

If that one doesn’t count because it’s a joke disguise, I would pick the Sheik. Which only allows you to enter the VIP area of the Thwack paddock. And since the sheik himself is already inthe VIP area you can’t even use the disguise to get inside. :grin:

Three-Headed Serpent:

This was a harder choice because every disguise is at least somewhat useful. Eventually I picked the Barman disguise, which gives you access the basement of the bar. Useful to get an Elite Guard disguise but that’s it.

Sure the barman can poison stuff which is always good, but since he hasn’t access to most places it’s usefulness is limited to Contracts Mode. I guess you could poison P-Power’s drink to get his disguise, but why do that when there’s an easier method?

Chasing a Ghost:

Since we’re excluding joke disguises the Holy Man is out. So my choice is the Metal Worker. Which gives you access to one empty apartment and the Crow’s back ally. Not the underground base itself, just the alley. And if you want to bring a weapon with you, you have to sneak into the alley because the guards will frisk you.

Another Life:

The Arkian Robe, due to having the distinct honor of being less useful than the suit. Because for some reasons the Wilsons don’t want to have people in robes at their garden party. For a guy who writes sex novels, Mr. Wilson is awfully judgmental. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If that one, for some reason, counts as a joke disguise I pick James Batty next. Which allows you access to his backyard. Since you need to knock him out for this disguise and there’s only one other NPC around (who I think doesn’t even care about you trespassing) there’s no real a point in using the disguise to blend in.

The Ark Society:

I’ve no idea yet. Probably a waiter of chef. Or maybe the butler because it’s hard to get. Haven’t really experimented around with the disguises in the level that much.


I find the Metal Worker useful to get rid of all enforcers in the slums and you can get it there.


The butler is a good one. Primarily because

The same applies


I wound’t say that the Arkian Robes count since it acts as a double clue making it useful for the mission as a whole not just in terms of access.

Just imagine a guy in robes you don’t recognise, walking into your backyard just to sand around looking stoic and creepy like. I would ask 47 to leave.


Sure it gives you a clue but you can get the same clue by picking up the law suit in Batty’s shed. Both can be obtain rather easily, so I don’t think robe doesn’t give you a real advantage.


Yeah but can you be all mysterious and spooky while wearing some lawsuit, does battys lawsuit have the fine embroidery and lovely purple on black pattern? No ergo it is still better.


For Sgail, I don’t find the Raider particularly useful, since the Elite Guard isn’t too hard to get through a Constant’s bathroom-lure, and gives you more accessibility.

The Butler is very good for prowling about undetected in many general areas. He might even be able to poison things.

Sgail’s disguises are very well-balanced. Most of them are just stepping-stones.

Has anyone considered that the Entertainer might be allowed into the Original Five Meeting Tower? There’s an entertainer there, playing the cello.