Most Useless Disguise on Each Mission


In terms of Bangkok, the Groundskeeper, JC’s Bodyguards’, Exterminator and Waiter have all made an appearance.

I would so back Morgan’s bodyguard as the most useless, as he has little to no access anywhere, is detected by Morgan himself and isn’t even able to return to Morgan’s suite if exiting after the ‘On the House’ opportunity.

So I’d probably go:
Paris- Chef
Sapienza- Store Clerk
Marrakesh- Intern (screw that guy)
Bangkok- Morgan’s Bodyguard
Colorado- Militia Cook
Hokkaido- Patient (actually had my mind changed from Groundskeeper)



How did they know where you were shooting from?


That’s a mechanic of the game. Guards on alert will run to your exact location.


whaat… officer disguise has no enforcers in the consulate unlike Elite Soldier.


Don’t forget about the normal soldiers (The ones on the streets) They can’t go to the upper floor but they have no enforcers on the 1st floor :slight_smile:


Not to mention being able to break the electric plugs without suspicion with a screwdriver. I agree that the chef is easily the most useless disguise in Paris. Every chef is a enforcer of that disguise, and you can just use the regular palace staff disguise to have less enforcers and still have poison capability.


Hmmm… maybe I mixed it up…


Also: Chef’s are trespassing in the preparation room behind the bar, where Palace Staff isn’t. So The Chef also has more restrictions.