Most Useless Disguise on Each Mission


Does clerk store disguise (looks like stylist from Paris) in Sapienza give you anything? It is hard to obtain it from barber, and bagged disguise in Sanguine store doesn’t make sense, because there is also a guard disguise.
As I remember, it doesn’t give you anything - no access to trespassing locations or opportunities. So it is really useless disguise.


Miami: Sheikh.
Santa Fortuna: Bartender
Mumbai: Tailor (Because you’re getting frisked+ when you’re in Shah’s bedroom there’s always a woman who cleaning room despite of Shah wants “privacy”.)
Another Life: Garbage Man (I don’t get it where could I use this disguise)
Isle Of Sgail: Initiate (You must find ten coins, it’s not worth it)


The Garbage man unlocks a secret exit and the Initiate robes are an important part of an assassination or disguise opportunity.


The cleaning woman has her back turned so you can easily get with killing Shah and then subduing her.


It gives you access to the Sanguine store.

So if you want to make things harder for yourself you can get the outfit from the barber first to get past the lone cleaner inside instead of simply subduing/distracting/sneaking past him.

And the best part, before a patch the cleaner (and the other NPCs) didn’t even care that you were trespassing inside the Sanguine store. So originally the disguise was even more useless. :laughing:

I think we’re having a “winner” in World of Tomorrow.


Paris: Stylist
Sapienza: Cyclist
Marrakesh: Food vendor
Bangkok: Groundskeeper
Colorado: Militia Cook
Hokkaido: Resort Staff

Miami: Street Performer
Santa Fortuna: Construction Worker
Mumbai: Holy Man
Whittleton Creek: BBQ Owner
Isle of Sgail: Entertainer


Paris: Stylist - Out of all the actual disguises, the stylist is the most restricted.

Sapienza: Clerk - Gives you access to the sanguine store, and that’s it. Not to mention the store’s useless.

Marrakesh: Food Vendor/Handyman - Both are pretty useless, enough said.

Bangkok: Groundskeeper - Only gives access to the basement. Plus, it’s easier to get a hotel staff disguise that gets you into the basement, penthouse and probably more areas.

Colorado: Militia Cook - It has the most limitations and is probably the hardest disguise to obtain.

Hokkaido: Handyman - Doesn’t allow you to roam a lot of areas.

Miami: Sheikh - Same problem with the Militia Cook in Colorado.

Santa Fortuna: Gardener - (poor Handymen, Groundskeepers and Gardeners) Also pretty useless. Sure, you’re in the mansion, but it’s incredibly easy to get another disguise instead.

Mumbai: Barber - Only purpose is for the haircut opportunity on Kale.

Whittleton Creek: BBQ Owner: Utterly useless and a pain to get.

Isle of Sgail: Initiate - Not a lot more useful than the suit, and earning 10 tokens just to get to the initiation room isn’t worth it.


Does anyone genuinely know why the holy man is in the game? Is there any Easter egg or intricate kill opportunity with him or is he just there for another disguise


I think he is the wacky wayside disguise for the map. Like Bangkok’s story or the Sheik in Miami.


Servers are like chefs, they can poison food in front of people and there are at least three relatively easy ways to obtain the disguise. The outfit is also very useful if you want to get the real estate broker disguise or kill Nolan Cassidy at the BBQ.

I agree with you on the BBQ owner, however. It’s harder to obtain and there’s nothing you can do with that outfit than can’t be done as a server.


Written by a member of IO staff:


I always upgrade to Gunther from a regular bodyguard ASAP. The bodyguard has too many enforcers, so you can’t roam Janus’s house with ease. Gunther’s main downfall is that your target is an enforcer, but the disguise is good for setting traps and finding certain clues.


Huh, I always felt like there was the same enforcers for Gunther. Either way, one of the bodyguards upstairs in Janus’ house remains an enforcer and that’s where I usually go when infilitrating the house.

But if you’re right, I guess I’ll go for gunther.

Final decision is BBQ Owner as the worst disguise.