Most useless place in each Hitman game?

As we all know Hitman’s level design is very good and most of the levels are perfectly calculated for the player to let them have fun with exploring the level. That’s one of the games’ biggest selling points after all, but I think we can agree that some levels had absolutely useless areas who brought nothing to the level and that could sometimes have been used well, but sadly had their potential just wasted.

I’ll start off with what I personally think are the most wasted places in Hitman games and I would also love to hear out what you guys think too. Let’s go.

Hitman: Codename 47

  1. I don’t have much to complain because the levels are pretty linear but there’s one place that’s been bothering me. In Lee Hong Asassination there’s this room to the left of where you come into the restaurant and the place looks great, but I don’t see why you would want to go up to the metal platforms where the guards are standing. I know there’s I think some kevlar and AK ammo but that place always kind of boggled my mind as to why anyone would want to take so much effort to get all the way up there.

  2. In Wang Fou Incident you can actually enter the restaurant and there’s a door leading to a small dark room and it has a log of sniper rifle ammo. I have no idea why you’d want to go there, but here it is, I guess. lol

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

  1. Nearly all of Hidden Valley, fuck that level

  2. The Cathedral in Kirov Park Meeting. This place is literally useless without a crossbow and even then hitting your target from there isn’t exactly easy either. Shame.

Hitman: Contracts

  1. Both of the useless areas are in the same lavel. Bjarkhov Bomb.
    The first one is this sniper tower. This seemed like a cool place at first but then I realized no matter what you do, even if you don’t get noticed by the guards and EVEN if you take a supressed rifle with you, they’ll shoot you down on your way down from the tower after killing the target going outside for a cigar… This one really bugs me.

  2. The second one is like I said in the same level. This one is a waste but I’m not that mad at it. When you leave the plane out back, turn to the left where the tunnel to the hangar is. Instead of going down, go to the left and go upstairs to the top of the tower. This place doesn’t do anything, but it’s very nice looking and atmospheric. Sad it doesn’t have any proper use, but hey, at least it looks cool, right?

Hitman: Blood Money

  1. I had to really stretch it to put anything on here. The only thing to me that comes close to being useless is the glasshouse in Till Death Do Us Part. It’s very out of place in my opinion.

    Did you know this place was even a thing? I didn’t. Not until last year.

I’d say something about Absolution, but we don’t talk about that game.

I’d also like to talk about the masterpiece we call HiTMAN 2016 and HiTMAN 2, but I only got to play Sapienza, from what I’ve played every place has a use even if it may not seem like it at first. I’m legit surprised and I admire the work put into it.

So what do you guys think? What’s the most useless place in a Hitman game in your opinion?


there’s this really small room in Santa Fortuna, it’s in the Delgado mansion basement. iirc the only thing in there is a wine barrel

You can enter some apartments in Mumbai that have nothing useful in them.

Even with most apartments being not relevant, people still ask for more places to be accessible in video games. Most probably for aesthetic uses.

I would agree with @cakeblock941 that the glasshouse/greenhouse was really useless. There were maybe 3 guards in there, and aside from some entrances into the house, there was no real use that I could find for it. There was one, actually, but it definitely wasn’t intended. With a little bit of glitching, you could actually manage to get to the very top of the building. It was fun to snipe all the people below from the top lol

So… this problem dates back to Glacier games older than HITMAN 2016… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also recall the greenhouse in Till Death Do Us Part as one of the areas where one of the targets can be isolated and killed without ever being found.

Just off the top of my head: what’s the deal with that altar area in Santa Fortuna? I think there’s a shovel in there and nothing else?

At the top of the control tower in contracts you can shoot Fabian Fuchs while he is in the restaurant. It is a very tight angle.

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The Entire Top Floor in Curtains Down.

There’s an opening in the upper level of the greenhouse that gives a good view of both the gazebo and the cemetery, I actually like to use that spot for most of my runs on that map to shoot the father when he’s at the open grave, and then the groom when the rest of the guests turn around and start shooting in the air.

in hitman 2018 we’re complaining about weaponless targets while in blood money every single person at that fucking party probably tries to shoot you at some point lmao


The tower can actually be used as a sniping spot for Fabian Fuchs, it’s really difficult to pull off though.

Welcome to america haha

A lot of places can be considered useless from a gameplay perspective. In the Thermal Bath hotel of H:C47 only two guest rooms are interesting for mission purposes, but still I’m glad with them being accessible. Immersion. Yes, you could have only one room in the brothel for Lei Ling to take you to, who has visited the other rooms more than twice? But them not being there would break immersion for me.
The Asylum Aftermath level is 99% about aesthetics and atmosphere. The White House is big but most of it are just areas to traverse. Hidden Valley is the same. But the atmosphere is wonderful.
I think it’s very good that some areas are useless, because having a weapon or a challenge in every nook and cranny would make it feel more like a videogame where everything is about bonuses and weaponry and whatnot. Hitman is a world and lots of stuff is useless in the world.


I agree. I’d also add that superfluous rooms like hotel suites and side rooms make for good hiding places for when everything goes wrong, which I think 47 would appreciate from a strategic standing point.
There is, however, a giant underground tunnel in the Bjarkhov Bomb, which seems to serve no purpose whatosever.

The tunnel is the easiest place to get a disguise in Bjarkov straight off the plane imo.