Mouse clicks on its own

Is there a fix for the mouse clicking on its own. I cant carry weapons or other devices because after a few seconds they activate or shoot like I was left clicking my mouse but im not. This has been happening on hitman 1 and 2 the entire time I owned it. Thanks

You need a new mouse.
That will be a fix


This only happens in the Hitman games?

It only happens in Hitman. Never when game is not running. It does happen when planning a mission. Too. I have tried other mouses. I have even changed keyboard settings to shoot with key strokes and it fires when holding weopens. Mostly when a target is close by. I’m not able to play any sniper games. Just looking through scope it randomly shoots. Very frustrating. I can’t believe I haven’t run in to others with same issue.

Do any of these answers help you?

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