Movie Memorabilia (Fan Collections)


In this thread, share all of your memorabilia from your collection from any (or all) of the movies you’re a fan of. (Or TV series memorabilia)

Collections can include…
(Items may also be fan made in honor of your favorite film as well)

  • Props that were used from your favorite movie/TV series
    (Official OR fan made)
  • Posters
  • Signed autographs
  • Action Figures
  • replica or official wardrobe
  • Mugs, Shirts, keychains, hats

Let’s see those collectibles!


Can this be for TV shows as well?

Edit: I mean, I got the 6” Timberland Classics from the Hotline Bling music video lol


Hmm. I didn’t originally plan on it, but sure–why not? Have at it… (I updated the op)


I was an avid collector of all things Star Wars from 1997-2002 and I still have most of it in storage but I won’t bore you with that. Let me show you my pride and joy.

I’m a fan of the Rocky movies and a few years back I went on a road trip with a couple friends to Philadelphia with the sole purpose of visiting all the filming locations from the series. SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THE ROCKY SAGA BELOW.

In the more recent Rocky films, Rocky spends a lot of time at the cemetery because his wife and BFF have passed away. He keeps a chair in a nearby tree as seen in this scene from Creed.

This tree is pretty prominent in both Creed and Rocky Balboa but a few months before my visit it had been CUT DOWN by the cemetery and was just a stump.


So… I stole a piece of the bark!

I don’t generally condone taking pieces of places as souvenir, but I don’t feel bad about this because the tree had been killed and the stump was damned to rot away eventually.

Anyway, the bark is on my bookshelf now and I love it because you can tell from the lichens/bark pattern that it’s from the same tree. It’s one of a kind, from one of my favorite film series, and literally one of my most prized possessions.

Edit: @AGENT4T7 I love the Last Crusade knight tablet replica… what an odd piece.


i have the official Soundtrack for “John Carpenters The Thing“ as a LP. The Movie is great, but who the fuck wants to listen to this Soundtrack? :joy:


Got my “Uncle Buck” papercraft car in the mail today! Gonna start it probably this weekend. It even comes with a Uncle Buck (John Candy) cutout.

I found this pic, and someone made smoke out of cotton balls, sprayed grey (genius) definitely going to do that as well after seeing this.

Big fan of the movie!

rip John Candy


Holy shit clover, is all that yours in the OP?


Hell no, man! Lol what you think I’m made of money? :joy:

But perhaps I should have mentioned that haha


My own “Aztec” gold. The shinier/brighter ones in the pic are plated with 24k Gold, the other, duller, ones are the ones sold by Disney around the movie’s release.


Woah, that’s freaking cool bro. Nice!


I’m big into pirates.


Got anymore memorabilia?

Also, speaking of Uncle Buck, I also got Bucks signature axe :grin: (Needs to be polished lol)


No, but I got these dope ass flintlocks:

Cool Runnings m8


Damn!!! Those are gorgeous :heart_eyes: Where did you get those from??


They’re not real, just replicas :^( but they are made by Denix. Very high quality gun replica manufacturer, I believe Hollywood uses them for the most part. Not that expensive either, check eBay out. I have a western Colt made by them as well:

Their pullback/trigger mechanisms all work 100% too, so it’s high quality stuff


Never heard of them, but I’m sure as hell gonna check them out now! Lol That looks very authentic.

Very cool, bro. Thanks for sharing :grinning:


Yeah, in fact @badeaguard might be interested in them, but I’d bet he already knows them.


Just looked them up!! Check out this beauty!!

Only $184.00, but unfortunately it’s sold out! :tired_face:

I’m gonna keep my eye on this one, when it’s back for sale again… I know what I’m getting!!!

(I’m a huge fan of Mafia films, so this is a must have for me.)
You weren’t kidding dude, they are cheap, very VERY surprising considering the great quality. Thank you so much for telling me about them!


Dude, I’ve seen their tommy gun and I feel the same!

Did you check ebay? I’m about to.

Edit: $250 shipped


No I didn’t. Good call!! :running_man: