Movie Memorabilia (Fan Collections)


@Agent.Smith THEY GOT IT!!!


Damn, it looks beautiful. I get paid tomorrow, I know what I’m getting!!!

You rock dude, thanks again!!


Damn, I’m out here making people broke and shit…

Lol, you best post some pictures when that baby arrives.

Because it’s ebay, make sure the seller has good ratings with similar products. You don’t want this guy to not bubble wrap this thing.


Way ahead of ya buddy lol I buy off EBay all the time! I know the drill lol


Thought I would share my replica of “The Warriors” (1979 film) vest. Bought it a while ago off eBay

Planning on getting a “Baseball Furies” and “Rogues” replica as well in the future. In case you haven’t known, I’m a HUGE Warriors fan lol classic!


Ahhh, I don’t, sorry. My only knowledge of weapons come from games like Hitman. But now I can’t learn anymore because they keep inventing weapons. :rage:


One of my favorite TV shows “DEXTER” I wanted to get Dexter’s signature “kill knife” replicated. I also found this picture online, in which I would like to get it made into a canvas with the knife on display.