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Under The Shadow - Movie
Under The Shadow - Movie
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just saw Shutter Island for the first time today, and it’s honestly got to be one of my favorite movie’s as of recently. I won’t post spoilers but it really reminded me of M. Night Shyamalan movies. I could see where the movie was going probably half way through, it wasn’t made to be this big secret only being revealed towards the end. But, the end still surprised me having a few things that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Definitely give it a watch, I’d say probably 8/10.


Ip Man

A fairly well crafted movie that is loosely based on the historical Ip Man, a martial artist from the Chinese village of Foshan.
It’s a very nice looking movie, with some very impressive and entertaining fight scenes. Donnie Yen stars as Ip Man, and does a great job.
It takes a fairly dark turn early on in the movie when the war with Japan rears its head.

I really enjoyed this for what it is, which is a sensationalized version of Ip Mans life during WWII. Having tried to look up specific center piece events from the movie, I’m fairly sure they never happened. That’s OK though. It’s a nice ride.

Ip Man 2

Since I enjoyed the first movie I decided to watch this as well. Donnie Yen returns as Ip Man in what I guess is some kind of weird attempt at remaking Rocky 4? I dunno. Except for the titular character, and some of the fight scenes, this feels nothing like the first movie, and it also feels a lot sillier. Didn’t like this very much at all.


My friend swears by these movies, there’s a third one isn’t there?


Yeah there is. It doesn’t star Donnie Yen though, and I don’t think I’m gonna watch it considering the dip in quality between one and two.


Watched A Million Ways to Die in the West last night. It had some great moments but was mainly quite dull. It seemed like an excuse to tell 5 or 6 jokes really.


I saw “Jersey Boys” when it came out on Friday. It was a good movie. Full of drama, laughs, and good music.

It’s a movie version of the stage show about the rise/fall of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.

The movie was directed by Clint Eastwood. This movie is a little bit of “Goodfellas”, “The Wanderers”, and
"That Thing You Do!".


Watched Bad Neighbours last night. It was alight. A few good laughs, but nothing spectacular. Although One moment when they’re doing celebrity impersonations was fucking hilarious.


Just watched Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2, i’m normaly think Horror movies are pretty bad and lame. But must admit i really enjoyed these two. I did not find them scary, but interesting and quite well made.


Just watched Oculus. It was prettttty scary, but I didn’t scream (I scream like a little bitch watching these kind of movies) as much as a did when watching The Conjuring or Sinister. It did however have a more interesting plot than those two for sure. And it was scarier as me and my friend were the only two people in the movie teather.


Just watched Snowpiercer it was brilliant. Original, entertaining, daring. It really was something new. First time in a long time i’ve genuinely curious about what happens next.


Recently watched Snowpiercer in cinema on a first date. It was brilliant.


Finally got my hands on The Raid 2. I’ve been wanting to see it in theaters but couldn’t find playing anywhere in Chicago. GREAT action movie, even more violence then in the first but is it better? I guess I have to say yes though I really like the setting of the first one better. But all the same, this is a must own.


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I just watched Riddick (2013) and Jack Reacher yesterday.

Riddick, was a big disappointment it felt like it was half a movie and some of the CGI was horrible. I hoped for somthing more in line with the two others or a mix between the two (Pitch Black & The Chronicles of Riddick) or i remember thoese two as good.

Jack Reacher, was the movie i did not expect much from, but it was a great action movie, with a bit of a familiar plot. But it was great from start to finish, and a movie i’m glad i bought on Blu-ray, unlike Riddick.


Really, what was familiar about Jack Reacher?

Also, Riddick is pretty much on par with the other two films. The plot was pretty similar to Pitch Black.


Some on does somthing horrible, turns out he got framed. One man can only save him and set it right. And then there is the big plot with conspiration theories and so on. The plot have been seen 100 of times before, but with small changes and so on. But it still think it was a great movie 8/10.

Well when it comes to the two other Riddick movie, i can’t really talk i haven’t seen Pitch Black since it was on VHS and last time i saw Chronicles of Riddick is around 5 years ago. But i remember it as very good. Riddick (2013) i would give it between 5-6 out of 10. I just felt like half of the plot was missing, i hope it would return to the start of the plot with Riddick being betrayed and getting his revenge.


In the last week I only just watched…

Rosemary’s Baby
Wow, what a great movie. A great suspense thriller with a few moments of sheer horror. Everyone had been telling me to watch it for ages. Now I’m telling everyone else to watch it. 10/10.

Boyz N The Hood
Another great film. John Singleton won the Oscar for Best Director at age 24 for this. The characters and setting are so well developed, I came away feeling like I had been raised in the hood and that my dad was Laurence Fishburne. 8.5/10.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
A pretty incompetent movie even by slasher standards. One problem is that so much screen time is given to Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar looking sexy as fuck, wearing tight clothes, no bras, and being filmed from all kinds of compromising angles. Cool, right? Yeah, but it really distracts from the tension when I’m supposed to be fearing a terrifying killer while a girl’s ass is writhing around in the frame. 3/10.

–Agent 17


I was in the mood for some darkness and watched a horror film from 2006 called 5ive Girls.

It was what I’d expect from a low budget non-AAA Canadian film: mediocre.

Bad acting. Cheesy dialogue. Childish plot. Lots of attempts to be emotional that just fell flat. The film was not scary in the slightest. It relies on cheap jump scares every now and then (and even those are executed poorly).

But one thing the movie excelled in was atmosphere. This is the reason I stuck to it. The film just has a nice atmosphere. A giant, lonely, school. The cinematography and colour palette all mesh very well and just give it this special veneer.

And the other reason that kept me in: Headmistress Anna Pearce.
The acting of Amy LaLonde as the headmistress was incredible. A beautiful, powerful, cold, calculated, female force. Truly stunning she was. I think that’s the reason I sat through the 95 minutes of it. I was just waiting to see her next scene, what she would do or what she would look like.

As a true horror fan, who seeks to push the boundaries every time…this was a big letdown. I feel like I’ve waded back into the kiddie pool of the horror genre after trekking in the deep end with A Serbian Film (my favourite film, to date). But seriously, what was I expecting watching a low budget film made for 15 yr old girls?

This was movie was nice to look at, from a purely visual perspective. But as a movie, and watchable entertainment it was lackluster.