Movies You've only Just Watched

I watched The Winter Soldier. Thought it was one of the best comic book movies to date.


SO I finally watched Leon The Professional. It was pretty good, reminded a bit of Hitman. Like the scene when Leon strangles that guy from the ceiling, looked a lot like when 47 fiberwires someone in an elevator in BM. The soundtrack also reminded me of Hitman a bit, maybe Jesper Kyd got some inspiration from there? And the ending reminded of Contracts ending. But all of that is of course old news.

BUT, am I only one who found the relationship between Leon and Mathilda kinda… weird? Like… pedophile weird? And after a google search I found out that there was a scene of them having sex in the original script (WTF, she’s 12?). Weird. Pretty good movie though.

She was older, thus, closer to the French age of consent (Luc Besson is French, after all) in the original script, but, yeah it’s still pretty creepy. Though, to be fair, it’s still that after he edited it, and that’s kind of one of its appealing factors. I mean, you’ve got a socially and educationally-stunted manchild assassin and a girl who’s developmentally challenged due to being in a broken home with a practically nonexistent amount of emotional support from a family that largely treats her like shit. Due to that, as squicky as the subject matter became, I didn’t get the vibe that Besson was trying to encourage it.

Also, saw Resident Evil Afterlife. Goddamn. I don’t know why I thought this had any chance of being remotely entertaining, but actively lifting scenes from the games in lieu of an interesting progression of the story and somehow managing to fuck them up entirely without explaining how shit came to be? Even the games, as retarded as they’ve become, had lore that explained why people suddenly have giant locusts coming out of their intestines. It made sense in its own universe. Hell, even the first few movies had that going for them. Here, they expect you to have played Resident Evil 5 and be so mentally retarded that all you paid the admission price to do was to point at the screen and go “Ooh, that guy’s a Majini!” “Ooh, that’s the executioner!” “No, they’re not zombies anymore, they’re an entirely different species now!” All while any RE fan without significant brain damage or the typical moviegoer are left scratching their heads, wondering how the writers of this movie got this loaf of feces greenlit. And somehow, this movie was a success.

That feeling you get when you just stepped in dogshit/10.

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If you thought that one was bad, do yourself a favor and avoid the fifth film at all cost because that will make you feel like you tasted the dogshit.

The fifth one was actually an improvement, I feel, but only because it actually manages to realize how stupid the whole series has gotten and just kinda goes with it instead of trying to take itself too seriously. That, and it’s got one of the most stupidly awesome hero sacrifices I’ve seen in a long time.

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I have to agree with @Cerb
The Resident Evil films have been shit since Apocalypse. The first one, without being a masterpiece, it’s still an entertaining B-horror film. However, Apocalypse, Extinction and Afterlife are too pretentious (especially Extinction), the fifth one is a small improvement but still crappy.

I hope that Paul W. S. Anderson never touches the Hitman franchise, what a dirtbag he is.

Recently watched the LEGO movie.

I have to say, it was way better than I expected. Not sure if I just expected the worse so it exceeded that or if I didn’t know what to expect so anything would do but either way…I had a lot of good chuckles and best of all, my kids loved it.

The animation was great and even though Will Ferrell sometimes grates on my nerves, it was definetly tolerable. I think the best part of it may have been (no spoilers needed) the nostalgia of it all.

I’d recommend it for just about anyone. If you don’t find any enjoyment in it, than you either hate life altogether or you no longer have any feeling in your middle extremities and may want to seek medical assistance. Best of luck to the latter.

Watched Tarantino’s “Death Proof” as a request of one of my friends. Wasn’t the biggest fan of the first half, but if it hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have liked the second half as much as I did. There were some very memorable dialogue sequences, and I really appreciated one of the long close-up shots that presented a fun case of dramatic irony.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Just got back from this, and I loved it. It’s funny (often), very charming, has a lot of very nice and colorful visual design… fuck, the film just looks stunning… and there’s some good action.
The combo of Rocket and Groot steal the show whenever they’re in a scene. That’s not to say that the rest of the characters aren’t good… because they are. Even Dave Bautista gives a decent performance as Drax the Destroyer.

The use of 3D was very impressive I thought. Probably some of the best 3D I’ve seen.

The movie has very few flaws in my opinion.
One lies in the villains. Ronan is not very fleshed out, and Thanos looks a bit cartoony in the scenes he’s in.
I also felt like some of the relationships between the guardians sprung out of mostly nowhere. All of a sudden they’re just a really tight and loyal team. shrugs
The score by Tyler Bates isn’t as good as for instance Alan Silvestri’s Avengers score, but the licensed songs are what this movie is about music wise, so that doesn’t matter to me much.
All of the flaws feel very minor.

I dunno, right now I’d say this is right up there with Captain America 2 and the Avengers. It’s just very good and enjoyable/fun. Like a perfect mix between Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly (not my comparison, but it works).

I thought this movie really didn’t know if it wanted to be an action flick or a science fiction theory on creation kind of movie. It started off pretty good, but then it really began to take questionable turns for the worst. Scarlett Johansson’s character, Lucy, probably only had 2, maybe 3 fight scenes in the movie? It just got a bit too cheesy, and the strange animal scenes that were thrown in weren’t necessary in my opinion. Also the subtle stereotypes and slight racism kind of lingered around in the movie a little bit. This movie could have been so much better. I give it a 6.5/10. Next.

Hercules (Starring Dwayne Johnson)
Okay, I never came in expecting this movie to be amazing, I just came to watch because usually the Rock can put up a good action movie here and there. Now, this movie was a really interesting take on the Hercules’ legend. But the action wasn’t outstanding. The entire movie is pretty much a cliché, but the only thing special about it, is I guess that it’s different from other Hercules movies. Don’t watch this unless you just want to see some cheap action, and see how the Rock can take on the role of Hercules. 6.5/10. Next.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Now this movie, was excellent! I didn’t have the chance to see this in all of its 3D glory, because I wouldn’t have time to see the later showing. Sad, I know. But what makes this movie amazing compared to the likes of the Avengers (Not to say that it wasn’t good either) is that the movie can successfully blend deep emotion, action, and comedy. Not a single one of the moments felt forced at all, and the characters are such a perfect fit in every aspect of the movie. This movie is comparable to Captain America: The First Avenger, & Captain America: The Winter Soldier in terms of how well-made the movie was. The cast in this movie was also very good. The most stand out performances to me, were obviously from Chris Pratt, Lee Pace, and Bradley Cooper (who was only the voice of Rocket). 8.5/10.

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy as well, last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s got to be one of the most fun Marvel movies to date, and genuinely funny. I felt it did move a bit too fast though, the pace of the film is insane, it goes from set piece to set piece so fast.

I was disappointed with how much they weakened Drax for the film, to the point he was just a stronger dude than other strong dudes. Also, Ronan was a bit disappointing, especially since they didn’t explain what an Accuser is, or even bring it up. And that they completely separated him from the Kree empire too. They barely fleshed out his purpose, so much so to people who knew nothing of him outside of this film would just see him as kinda evil for the sake of evil. Plus he’s a very interesting and dynamic character, who has a lot of growth in the comics. And much more of a neutral figure too. Gamora and Nebulas’ fight scene was disappointing too. In fact, thinking about it I can find a lot of faults with the film, but I think that it is because the majority of it is so good that when I look at the bits that are only kinda cool it makes them look bad in comparison.

A lot of the film was cut I expect. James Gunn talked quite a bit about taking ages to come up with his final cut and not wanting to “stop making this movie” hell a lot of the trailers are made up of stuff that didn’t end up in the film. Hopefully we get a version later on that gives the film a little more space to breath, it was quite dense. With some quite clunky expository dialogue sometimes too. But that is fair considering all the new stuff that they had to introduce.

You really can’t go wrong with a European-styled action thriller starring Liam Neeson. And here he has yet another role that allows him to channel his grief over his dead wife into a subplot about loss of family. If this movie starred Colin Farrell or something it would have been awful but Liam always pulls it out. As far as “suspense thrillers on a plane” go, it’s far better than most of them. The ending is sort of a mess but there’s a couple awesome moments in it, including some brief gunplay right out of Call of Duty. 7/10.

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Agreed. Liam has a way with suspense-thrillers like no one else.

If he told me there were “mammoth flying squirrels” on a plane, I’d believe him.

For the first time today i watched Pan’s Labyrinth, i have been reluctant towards the movie for the simpel reason that it was not in English. I don’t mind watching foreign films, but i have to feel the need to watch it and even more then often i end up with a movie from the Stats or the U.K. A movie where i can be sure i don’t need to follow the subtitels to understand what’s going on. I hardly even watch Danish movies anymore, i find they have lost the touch from the late 90’s and 2000’s (in this case i’m talking about danish movies with dark humor, a dane will know what i’m talking about). But to be fair i mostly watch the ones who is praised at Cannes or thoese who win a oscar for best foreign film.

But i must admit that i’m glad i took the chance and watched Pan’s Labyrinth, it was a great fairy tale in a dark world. The second world war setting, with freedom fighters fighting against Franco’s fascism. Aswell as the main character goal to become part of a world she never knew existed.

A good film, very dark and sad. However within the sadness and madness of the time, there is light. That the beauty of the movie.

I saw the movie for just a few months ago, and was really impressed by it. It has a great dark atmosphere, and the setting of the Spanish civil war was refreshingly different. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

There is a lot great of foreign films out there. For you english speaking guys I recommend “The Hunt” with Mads Mikkelsen. The movie was nominated for an Oscar. The best danish movie ever made.

For those of you who haven’t seen the french movie “The Intouchables” - go see it! It’s one of my favorite movies. You go through all kind of emotion states watching it. Such are great movie.

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22 Jump Street

It was awesome. Definitely as good, if not better than the first one.

Aaaand I just watched the new Shrek. Or was it Ninja Turtles? Anyways, Megan Fox was hot like always, the turtles were kicking ass like always. I liked it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • The first 15 minutes were completely obnoxious and particularly poorly edited. I almost turned it off. Also, Paul Giamatti has never made me not want to kill myself.
  • Electro is apparently the poor man’s Dr. Manhattan with a cognitive impairment. They didn’t establish his powers nearly well enough, so all the action felt confusing and arbitrary. Contrast him with Magneto in the X-Men movies: his powers follow clearly defined ground rules so the action makes sense and is always interesting.
  • The rapport between Peter and Gwen Stacey is usually fun, though sometimes it’s shot like a goddamn pretentious indie movie.
  • I’m not sure any character made any decision in the entire movie that made any sense
  • Green Goblin shows up like “o hai guys, I just thought I’d fly in for the last five minutes in this one because I’m supposed to kill Gwen Stacey at some point”
  • Has there ever been a superhero movie where two villains team up without that awkward scene in which one goes to the other’s lair and says “I believe we have a mutual problem”?

TL;DR: Robin Williams would still be alive if he’d never watched this movie. 6/10.


Watched ‘The Grey’ here the other day, and was not really sure what to expect of the movie, other then Liam Nesson being badass. I found the movie to be very interesting, the hole setting man vs wild (also af fan of Bear Grylls Man vs Wild). I liked the idea that Nessons character knew alot about wolves, but when it came to survial in the wilderness, he wasn’t an expert and had to take alot of second hand gusses.


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Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

For the most part it’s enjoyable to watch but not as good as the first. It’s four prequel stories that take place before, during and after “That Yellow Bastard” storyline. The visuals are still great except the movie uses colors a bit more then I would’ve liked. A Dame To Kill For story is probably the best of the bunch and Eva Green is perfect as the title character.

Marv is still kicking ass where ever he goes. Although I thought he was better in the first, it’s still a good time watching him in every scene he’s in. He’s featured in three of the four plots.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character was a interesting new addition at first but in the end his story doesn’t really go anywhere and I was left wondering what was the point of including it.

If you like Jessica Alba’s character Nancy in the first then you’ll love her in this. Personally, she doesn’t really stand out to me.